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How to Purchase the Perfect jewelry for Her

Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or any other celebration, jewelry is always a good idea as a gift for her. However, after deciding on jewelry, there are far more decisions that need to be made with an abundance of styles, materials, cuts, and carats. Here is a helpful guide on how to purchase the perfect jewelry for her.

The OccasionErnest Jones Jewelry

Different occasions call for different styles of jewellery so keep in mind what exactly it is that you are buying a gift for. If it is an anniversary then it is nice to buy an eternity ring, whereas a lovely birthday present might be a delicate bracelet or necklace. If you have never purchased jewelry for this lucky lady before, ensure that you wow her with a statement piece that she will remember and wear on special occasions. This could be for any occasion, although it’ll be especially thoughtful and personal as a birthday present. As for the most special of occasions – engagement – a ring is always traditional and will have the most impact. Consider the important factors for this special ring, including the size and how it will look next to a wedding band, and be sure to negotiate like a boss to get the best ring for the best price.

Understand Her StyleErnest Jones Jewelry

Most importantly of all, the lucky lady must like her gift, therefore it is important to do a little bit of detective work and discover what her style is.  Do you see her wearing dainty pieces of jewelry that are barely noticeable from a distance or bold, statement pieces that command attention? Once you’ve gathered this information, you can turn your attention to the material that she most favors. She might be dressing to complement her skin tone which can be either cool, neutral, or warm. Cool skin tones suit white gold and silver better, whereas neutral skin tones generally pair better with yellow metals, such as these gold pieces from Orocal.

A diamond ring is a classic choice. However, diamonds are the most expensive gem of all.  therefore,  lab grown diamond engagement rings may be a cheaper alternative.

All About the Stone

Ernest Jones JewelryDecide on whether you are choosing metals alone or you would like to add a stone. Different stones have different meanings; for example, diamonds are the most expensive gem and symbolize power, strength, innocence, and good fortune. Opals are a less expensive gem, although just as showstopping, and will symbolize hope, purity, and truth. There are many more examples of different meanings for gemstones, along with those that symbolize a particular birthday, which is great for giving as a birthday gift, as long as you know she likes the color. When you’ve decided on what stones you would like, you’ll need to decide on the shape, cut, quantity, and size. If you want a diamond that appears larger than it really is, opt for a marquis shape and embellish it with smaller diamonds to make it really stand out.

Make her occasion really special by following these tips and make sure that you do your best to hide all of the evidence so that she can be pleasantly surprised when she receives your gift.

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