5 Classic Party Games Perfect for Playing After a Dinner Party

Summer is well underway which means weekends filled with hanging by the pool, long days of sunlight, and friendly gatherings galore. No matter the time of the year, hosting a dinner party is the perfect way to get together with those closest to you and enjoy laughs, tasty food, and great conversation. However, when the plates are cleared, dessert is served, and the sun finally does go down, how do you keep guests from leaving the fun too soon? The answer lies in one word — games! From classic card games like hearts to interactive ice-breaker-style activities and laugh-out-loud party games, there are many options. Here are five great games guaranteed to keep the party going all night long.

5 Games Perfect for Playing After a Dinner Party

Delicious dinner, close friends, and endless entertainment are the perfect party combination!

Who Am I?

An ideal game for larger groups of friends to play together or on teams, the rules of ‘Who Am I?’ are largely identifiable by its name. All you need for this one is a Sharpie and a pack of Post-its to get started. Everyone will write the name of one celebrity on the paper and then stick it on someone’s back or forehead. Guests will then go around the room attempting to explain which person they are to the other and whoever guesses the most first, wins. For inspiration on which famous faces to use, check out this list of A-list stars.

Dungeons And Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a great board game that can be played with family and friends. It is a game in which players explore books and guides to find their way through dungeons. The game can be played during summertime, and those who are unfamiliar with the game can read the Player’s Handbook or class guides, such as Dungeons and Dragons 5e Warlock guide and Monk guide. The guides help players to understand the game better and make it more fun. Dungeons and Dragons is a great way to spend time with family and friends, and it is a great way to learn about different cultures.

Texas Hold’em Poker  

Texas Hold’em Poker  

The classic card game of strategy is an excellent option for a highly entertaining after-dinner activity. However, while some friends in your group may be experienced with poker, others may have never played before, which is why Texas Hold’em is the perfect variant to begin with as it is feasible to learn the basics in just a few minutes.


When getting your poker home game ready, there are three main things to consider before diving into the action. You’ll already have the players and the game nailed down, but the gear is just as important. This includes some plastic playing cards, and of course, poker chips. If you don’t have official chips, household items like clothespins, office supplies, change, and even spare board game pieces will do the trick.

Cards Against Humanity              

Cards Against Humanity is a well-known party game that has been entertaining adults for over a decade. Although choosing this option will require you to purchase the game, it will be well worth it for the hours and hours of fun and laughs it will bring. The game can be played with as little as three people, but it garners the most amusement with around 6-8. Perfect for playing with close friends and strangers alike, Cards Against Humanity is a must-have addition to your party game bookshelf.


Decorations can make your party even more festive for guests

I’m Hosting a Party…

For a different type of party game that is highly interactive and entertaining at the same time, ‘I’m Hosting a Party’ is ideal. This activity is similar to a brain-teaser game and starts out when one person in the group says they are hosting a gathering but only people who bring the right things to the party will be invited. Then, the person chosen will pick a secret rule about the ‘thing’ that must be brought to the party.

For example, it must start with the letter ‘C’ or it is something that can only be bought at a party supply store. After the rule has been solidified, the person will go around the room in a circle and ask each guest what they are bringing, with the response either being ‘Yes, you are invited,’ or ‘No, you are not invited.’ This process will repeat itself until everyone has figured out the rule. Because this game is best played in a big circle, you may want to rearrange your living room to maximize space for every guest so that everyone is seated comfortably.

Who Said It?

Although it will take a little extra planning and preparation, ‘Who Said It’ is a great game to play after dinner with a group of close friends. First, you’ll want to scour through your friend’s old Facebook or Instagram posts and choose a couple from each person, ideally those that were posted at different times in their lives. For example, one from three years ago, one from five years ago, and one from just a few months. Print out these quotes and throw them into a hat, afterwards go around the room and have your friends guess which person said what. Obviously, this game is best played with people who have known each other for a long time and who have many memories together. Play this over a table of tasty finger food and you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable evening.


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