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Life Hacks For Busy Women


You would think that being stuck at home for the last year, we would have more time on our hands than we even know what to do with. But, the reality is, with working from home, helping with virtual schooling, and trying to keep up with household chores while the house is always full of people making a mess, life has actually gotten busier than it was before. With that in mind, hopefully, you’ve already found new ways to make your routines a little more bearable and the days smoother than they were a year ago. But, there’s always room for improvement in everything isn’t there? Let’s explore some life hacks for us, busy women. Because let’s face it, whether you’re single or running an entire household, a woman’s work never seems to be done. We have some life hacks that will make things easier for you.


Subscription Services

Subscription Services

At this point, you’ve probably at the minimum been inundated with invitations and offers to join a subscription service of one kind or another. Whether it’s a coffee subscription, groceries, or cat litter, these things really do save you time and money. Sure, the initial upfront annual fee can seem a little off-putting, but the reality is, we’ve gotten used to some of this free time. Subscription services remain worth it to take that load off of having to run to specialty stores for odds and ends that can’t either be found locally or at a big-box retailer. So, whether you’re getting your dog’s food delivered every three weeks or your hair care products every two months, keep the subscription services if they’re within your budget.




At the beginning of the pandemic, people got used to the convenience of seeing their regular doctor via secure zoom meetings. Then telehealth started parlaying into basically every type of appointment. Psychiatry, therapy appointments, dermatological appointments, you get the gist. Another benefit of this becoming so mainstream is services that have existed but the spotlight wasn’t shown on as much have become the new normal. You can get all kinds of medical care online now without even seeing a doctor (check Felix Care for this). Say you’re prone to UTIs, you can go online and describe your symptoms in a survey and within an hour have prescription antibiotics at your local pharmacy. You can receive prescription skincare online easily, which is so beneficial to looking and feeling your best. So it’s absolutely time-saving and so convenient to continue this type of health care so long as it isn’t an emergency or fairly urgent.


Clean Machine

Clean Machine Life Hacks

Staring at the walls of your home almost exclusively for a year really gives you an alarming view of every nook and cranny. And, your home that you once considered fairly clean is now obviously not as neat as you once thought it was. If you can afford to, hiring a house cleaning service either weekly or bi-weekly to do the deep cleaning for you is one hundred percent worth it! It’s literally life-changing. It may seem out of reach financially, but if you try it even one time, even the most frugal woman might decide it’s worth cutting back in other areas to be able to bring on someone to help with the heavy lifting.


Less is More


They say less is more and a lot of people that practice minimalism wholeheartedly agree.  The concept is essentially to rid your living space of things that you either do not use or don’t bring you a strong feeling of joy or emotion in general. It can be an overwhelming experience when you first start, but as you slowly whittle through your belongings that no longer serve you, it becomes incredibly satisfying. Not to mention, it makes running your home extremely easy. It’s a breeze to straighten up and clean your home, you spend less time repairing things and you also save a ton of money not purchasing items that you know you don’t “need” or won’t benefit your life in some way. After decluttering, remember the one in, one out rule. If you bring something into the home, you need to be willing to donate something else in the home. It’s a good idea to have a box somewhere in the home designated for members of the household to put items they no longer want or need.


Surely at this point, you’ve come up with other ways you know make your life easier. Hopefully implementing one or all of these life hacks will make you feel like you have more time to relax and enjoy your life, especially since we’re finally able to get back out there and live again.

Many women find it challenging to manage work and home life.  Why not engage your children in healthy activities so you can have some me time. Instead of giving them too much screen time, why not make learning fun with science kits. You can find a few ideas on this link: If your kids are old enough you can also take some of the household responsibility off you by having them engage in chores. Remember to take breaks and don’t stress if you can not accomplish everything on your to do list. You have got this!

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