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Five Things to Get Excited For when the Covid Pandemic Ends

The COVID-19 pandemic lingers on even as millions of people are being vaccinated daily. While the vaccines don’t stop transmissions, they do mitigate the symptoms. Still, with the need to open up our economy becoming all the more dire, there are plenty of activities we’re all excited to return to. Whether it’s large gatherings or your preferred way to relax, here are a few things that will come back as the Covid pandemic ends.

Movie Theaters

Covid Pandemic Ends

One thing that just about everyone has been missing is going to the movies. Since theatres are dark, congested spaces where a lot of people breathe in the same air, a lot of them have been closed during the pandemic. As the economy reopens, movie theatres will return and provide the comfort and happiness that comes with seeing a movie. We will have the chance to escape the real world and immerse ourselves in a film.


People have been lamenting the absence of packed concerts for the last year. Live music has suffered greatly, and so have musicians. The only real way to make a living in music is to play live and tour. Concerts are mostly on hold. As live shows come back, spectators and musicians alike will be very happy about it. We all need to release loud live music. We won’t know what we are missing until live music comes back to provide that sense of relief that volume can have on the human body and mind.



Whether it’s music, a Renaissance Faire, or something else, festivals have been put on hold. With large numbers of people, festivals are “super spreader” events that won’t return until the virus numbers are low and people are protected by vaccinations and herd immunity. It’s going to be a while, but so many people will be very happy to welcome the return of festivals—whatever they are for.

Hair SalonsHair Salons

There has been a lot of debate over whether or not we should allow hair salons to be open during the pandemic. A lot of people have disagreed about it and there has been national controversy over Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done after salons were shut down in her district. While some hair salons have been open during the pandemic, when they are all allowed to stay open and we can return to that feeling of relaxation, it will make a big difference. As the pandemic ends, look into the salons that will provide what you want. Get a curl in California, a blow-out in Colorado, or a weave in Washington DC; everyone is going to want to look to start looking their best again!


Cruises are also another example of something that will take a long time to return. They are, of course, super spreaders—hotbeds of germs. Still, people truly love going on a cruise to Mexico or around Northern Europe. Despite the industry’s hit from the pandemic, there is no doubt that cruises will eventually return. If this is your thing, you will be over the moon for when you can get on a ship with a bunch of strangers to eat and drink yourselves into oblivion. Like it or not, cruises will head out onto the water again.

While the rate of “normal” life returning will vary from place to place, people are excited to get back to the things they love. Large events and gatherings will be the last things to return, but we will likely be able to go back to the movies, watch a live concert, and get our hair done. No matter what it is, we will have to open up the economy and work toward further posterity.

There is no negotiation to this. Life will have to return eventually. The pace is uncertain, but it is imperative for our country and the world at large to get a handle on this virus and move forward. It is inevitable that we will make it through this, even as new strains are being discovered. The death rate is still low. While we do our best to control the spread of the virus and mitigate the number of deaths and hospitalizations, we will have the opportunity to do those things that we love and miss.

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