The Communication Mask

Communication Mask

Santa wearing a maskWith the highly contagious Delta variant continuing to infect individuals, Canadian max experts are weighing in that a cloth mask may not provide enough protection. Dr. Ronald St. John, former director-general of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, told CTV News Channel to make sure the little metal band on your mask is pressed around your nose and it’s tucked under your chin, including covering your facial hair and so forth.

As many have said before, including Dr. Tam and Dr. Ronald St. John that it is important to get a mask that fits well around your face and doesn’t have large gaps. While a cloth mask may not be the best defense, three-layer masks do provide more protection than a two-layer mask.

As a manufacturer of custom performance costumes, Elizabeth Dobie’s business was completely halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Elizabeth did what any other designer would do. She started constructing, testing for comfort and function, modifying, and trying again and again until she was happy with a new design of face masks.

An organization providing services to adults with developmental disabilities asked her to develop a mask that allowed visibility of the mouth.

Elizabeth created several prototypes before she was happy with the final mask the Communication Mask.

Although the “clear face mask”, also commonly known as the “lip reading mask” began mainly for the hearing impaired group, it has gained popularity and is being used by speech pathologists, language interpreters, teachers, professors, administrators, choir directors, many in the hospitality industry, coaches, theatre and musical theatre dance, and the list is growing. Even Santa is wearing one.

The fabric areas at the top and bottom of the mask are made with 100 % cotton and a middle polypropylene layer. The plastic layer extends from side to side. The loops are made extra long and are adjustable. The mask is available in three adult sizes: adult regular, adult tall and adult wide and tall.

We think Santa may of needed an adult tall as the mask fitted Mrs. Claus narrow face much better.  Mrs. Claus commented that there was a bit of a weight to the mask that takes some getting use to.

The Communication mask is available in three adult sizes, kids sizes and teen sizes.

Once Elizabeth finished with the design of the clear face mask, she branched into making children’s masks. She noticed that a lot of the store-bought masks came in only one size for kids, therefore the mask either fit well, was too big, or too small, and then there was the awkward tween/teen size that nobody had addressed. The faces within this age group are long enough to wear an average adult face mask but too narrow for an adult face mask. In response to this need, Elizabeth came up with three sizes of the child-size face mask, plus all the tween/teen sizes, which have been very popular.

Children Masks

Kids 3 layer masks


Cloth Face Mask

Since the pandemic started, it has been recommended that children over the age of 2 wear face masks in public to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now that we are half way through the school year,  the Delta variant on the rise,  and many parents on the fence about getting their children  vaccinated, masks are as important as ever.

While some may believe kids are less severely affected by this virus, as the numbers increase, we will see more unvaccinated individuals and their children being infected.


I see a growing trend getting very relaxed with regards to mask wear as more people get vaccinated.

The same guidelines about fit and quality for adult masks also apply to kid masks. These kids’ masks are made with an inner layer of absorbent cotton, a middle layer of polypropylene, and an outer layer of cotton.

Breathable and comfortable they hug the face leaving no gaps like some of the non-medical masks on the market. Adjustable ear loops and adjustable nose-piece ensure the mask fits properly.


The kid-friendly masks come in three sizes and twenty-three designs. Both our little models found them comfortable.

Be sure to wash your child’s masks regularly if they are wearing them to school and each child should have two or three reusable masks.

Santa Claus Mask

Match your Mask with your outfitMask


While some cities may be hosting a parade go ahead the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to virtual Santa visits and other events like drive-through parades. For many families, the tradition of the Christmas photo with Santa is an important tradition that isn’t the same this year due to Covid. Social distancing and mask-wearing are practicals put in when you visit the jolly man in the red suit.

Just because you have to wear a mask when visiting Santa doesn’t mean you have to look unfashionable. If anyone would have told us before 2020 that face masks with matching outfits were going to be the hottest look of 2021, we definitely wouldn’t have believed them. But even model celebrity Cindy Crawford is matching her masks with her outfit.

My daughter looks picture-perfect in her three-layer plaid mask. The three-layer mask has an inner layer of absorbent cotton and a middle layer of polypropylene and an outer layer of cotton. For sizing purposes my daughter is eight years, 4 foot seven and weighs 91 lbs. She is wearing a teen mask.

The chic print brings a little added personality to her mask. She looks picture perfect with her matching plaid dress from Giant Tiger and her hand-made scrunchie from Megan at Wiggle and Whiskers.

There are nine-holiday styles available to choose from.


Adult Masks

Communication Mask

Show off  that you are Canada proud with a  Truth North mask made with an inner layer of absorbent cotton and a middle layer of polypropylene and an outer layer of cotton. The mask features adjustable ear loops and nose wire for the perfect fit. The mask is available in adult tall, adult standard and adult tall and wide.  I am wearing the standard size.


Sensory Friendly Mask

For children with sensory sensitivities, wearing a face mask can be a daunting task. These lightweight masks are perfect for your little ones with sensory issues . The reusable two-layer mask gently hugs the face with a slightly spacious curved front seam and customized nose wire. A double layer of 100 % cotton ensures breathability and comfort. The strap ties around the back of the mask. This soft mask is also an outstanding option for the autism community.


Masks for Tall People

the communication mask

Communication Mask also caries mask especially designed for tall people like my husband. Regular masks are just way too small for their faces.  They also sell an Adult Tall that is the same width, but accommodates very tall People who have proportionately longer faces. Regular masks do not cover the chins of these people properly.

No matter which type of mask you choose, proper fit is a key factor in its effectiveness.  Please not that these masks are not a replacement for medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment.


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