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There’s a lot of excitement in the world as we all can finally feel a little more comfortable stepping back out into the world. Of course, we want to make our grand entrance in style. Even though it seems like the world has been on a long pause (it has), fashion has not. From our laptops and smartphones, we’ve seen the trends evolving over the last year and have done our fair share of online shopping. Thankfully, this summer, we can stop shopping for loungewear and start shopping for items that make us feel more like ourselves again. Here’s a list of some wearable trends that look good on everyone, not just the runway. Please pick up a few to dazzle your friends and families as we start gathering again!


DressDarling Dresses

Dresses are a mainstay in every woman’s wardrobe, but this year, it seems like all varieties are in vogue, from mini to maxi (and midi in between), to super modern and avant-garde prints down to floral. There is literally something for everyone. All these options to choose from are great because every woman’s body is different, which means she’s going to look chic no matter what style she picks. With it being safer to shop in-store and actually try on clothing, it’s a fun time to try out new styles before you buy.


Statement Shoesmarshmallow-sized straps


Shoes are so fun this summer! One runway trend that somehow translates to your regular woman is the puffy sandal. These are so fun and whimsical, which we all need after the last year! Whether you opt for a slide or a strappy sandal, these marshmallow-sized straps are high fashion but wearable. Designer shoes for women are more affordable than ever because the demand is so high. With many websites and stores to choose from, peruse the styles that catch your eye and pull the trigger. Other significant shoe trends to choose from this summer are studded or metallic heels (though you’ll never go wrong with your classic black) and chunky, colorful sneakers. This summer, the shoe is all about grabbing people’s attention, and we are here for it!


Swimsuits for Every BodyRuching bathing suit

It’s not just the end of the pandemic in sight that has us breathing a collective sigh of relief. The celebration and acceptance of every different body type do too! This year, it’s as it should be, and every woman and man should feel comfortable at the pool or beach in bathing suits that make them feel confident. Thankfully there’s a cute style for every body type out there! Sexy cut-out one-pieces and bikinis are in, but so are darling floral and ruffled suits. Ruching is everyone’s friend and can camouflage or pull in areas you might not love. Bikinis are in, in a significant way for every body type. Time to celebrate in the sun, guys!


Denim Does Itjean jacket


What’s that you say? Denim in summer? Yes, of course, and it’s not just limited to denim shorts! Jean jackets are now becoming a year-round staple, with good reason. As they say, when you have nothing to wear, lean on your wardrobe staples if you don’t already own a denim jacket, bonus points for borrowing your dad’s vintage one. Sometimes, the more worn, the better. Oversized jean jackets look incredible over the top of a tight-fitting shirt tucked into shorts, and a more cropped and tighter fitting jean jacket perfectly pairs with all styles of dresses. The main point is, you need a denim coat for this summer and always!


Mask Upluxe rhinestone mask


Of course, even though we’re getting back out there more comfortably, we still need to wear our masks in crowded public places, and many airports and hotels have made them compulsory. So, you have to have several in your wardrobe arsenal that compliment your style. Major design houses have been creating beautiful masks since the start of the pandemic, so you can even splurge on a luxe mask if that’s something you fancy.

Additionally, wearing custom-made bandanas is a creative and fashionable way to prevent yourself from catching pandemic flu. A custom-made bandana by 4inabdana.com has been custom designed by you to fit your face perfectly. You can create custom designs for this look or just recolor it with some custom color. Either way, custom bandanas are a great and stylish way to step back out into the world during pandemic flu without catching the deadly virus.

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