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How To Create a Compelling Look in Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion is a topic that everyone has at least a basic understanding of, but what is less clear is what exactly constitutes a noteworthy look. Fashion is ultimately a subject, making it hard to nail down the perfect outfit, but there are some generalizations and universal rules that can help you achieve a look that is conventionally stylish without sacrificing your unique essence. Here’s what you need to know.

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A quick way to make or break a look is the use of accessories. Jewelry and other fashion items are fairly common, and it’s plain to see that they can work wonders or ruin an outfit with ease. For example, you can shop My Gift Stop watches for a timepiece to spice up a look, but it’s important to look into Victorinox watch reviews, for example, in order to determine how the look works for your overall sense of style and, more importantly, whether or not the piece is of the highest possible quality. While a classy watch can elevate a look, accessories can often veer into gaudiness, and that’s even dependent on the outfit as a whole. Rings are a great example of this, as well. A ring or two can create an element of intrigue in your look, but that intrigue can be squandered with a poor fashion choice or simply too much of a good thing.



One of the strangest taboos in human culture is the bias against tattoos. Far from being a threat to culture, tattoos represent culture from the dawn of civilization to the modern armed forces. Modern norms are shifting, however, and the negative bias against tattoos is slowly giving way toward acceptance and admiration. This means that tattoos are more socially acceptable, but not so much so that they won’t register as a point against you in certain situations. Incorporating tattoos into fashion can be tricky for that reason. It’s generally accepted that you should be able to hide a tattoo if the need arises, but that can make them difficult to show up. Forearm, upper arm, and torso tattoos are common for people who want to be seen but want to keep the option to hide.

Tattoos encompass a wide range of styles and techniques. Much like accessories, they can elevate, but they can detract just as easily. The rule of thumb for tattoos is to invest in high-quality pieces that are less prone to fading over time and have a timeless quality not only in terms of longevity but also of style. If you are seriously considering getting a tattoo, we recommend learning more about how painful getting a tattoo is.



Perhaps the biggest problem in men’s fashion is that the business suit has become the predominant go-to for fashion-minded men. It’s easy to see why, because men are generally more pigeonholed in terms of fashion options, and there is a sort of simple elegance to a formal ensemble. Making a suit work for you can solve the logistical problem of fashion, but it can also introduce problems of its own. Generally speaking, a dark or neutral-colored suit works wonders. While there are plenty of other options available, dipping your toes into those waters requires some critical thought. For example, a white suit can be a powerful statement, but it needs to be backed by complimentary choices elsewhere in the outfit. Likewise, a mismatched blazer and slacks present a potential point of failure in a look, but applying it in an intelligent way can turn heads for the right reasons.


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Color is perhaps the most important element of fashion because it is often what separates fashion non-participants from fashionistas. Simply put, bright, highly saturated colors can doom a look, especially when used too much. For example, a bright green T-shirt seems like the antithesis of a muted floral pattern. Loud colors can be used constructively, however, and doing so is a matter of moderation. Occasionally splashes of color throughout a more down-to-earth pattern can make the pattern pop, for example. It’s also important to understand the basics of color coordination. The most important element of color coordination is simply that colors should agree with each other for the most part. Cool colors pair well with other cool colors, making green and blue partners in crime. On the other hand, breaking from the associations can make for a great look, especially when it comes to the use of complementary colors like red and green.


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