Is Vaping Trendy Today?

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New times bring new habits. Earlier, smoking was considered fashionable, but now young people choose modern fashionable devices instead of the usual tobacco products. Every day in the city, you can come across a lot of people exhaling puffs of vapor. Vapers promote vaping with special electronic devices as a harmless alternative to habitual smoking. Hence, why is vaping so trendy today? There are several reasons.

Influence on taste and smell

Is Vaping Trendy Today?

Every morning when a smoker wakes up with a suffocating cough that a person no longer has enough strength to withstand, they are sure to think that it would be better to give up this harmful habit finally. But each time, there are several reasons and excuses to postpone this depressing thought for later.

The morning of a true vaper begins quite differently: with a cup of fragrant, invigorating coffee, a tender, fresh pastry, and a leisurely walk to work. During which, incidentally, a person can enjoy the singing birds, the bright morning sun, and the smell of blooming lilacs. After all, according to the research published in Tobacco Induced Diseases, a person who is not exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco smoke has a 60% higher level of sense of smell and a sharper taste. All in all, it’s all emotion. But even if you do not resort to such eloquent comparisons, the difference between smoking and vaping is enormous.

The working principle

Phix pods are an actual product of human evolution, created as a safe alternative to regular smoking. Like many delights of the modern world, the first vape was made in China relatively recently, in 2003. Over time, their production began to industrialize a lot. According to the principle of operation, electronic vaporizers are often compared to inhalers because their main task is to evaporate fragrant liquid by heating. Despite the injection of high temperatures inside the device, the steam from the vape comes not hot.

The absence of harmful effects on the environment

One of the main advantages of the best vape mod is that it does not emit any harmful substances into the environment. By vaping, we get rid of a mass of harmful substances and enjoy a variety of flavors of vapor. All consumers of the best box mods, who at one time switched from smoking to vaping, in one voice speak about the benefits of such a choice. For example, lowering blood pressure, taste enhancement, improved breathing, improved performance, and finally, getting rid of a smoker’s cough. Today, vapers unite into groups. There are already vape cafés in big cities, and they also organize vape festivals.

A chance to give up a bad habit


Another reason why vaping is really trendy today is because it helps to give up tobacco. It’s true that nicotine refill for the vape solves this problem as well, but in that case, can it be considered completely harmless? Since the vape is a relatively new device, its long-term effects on the body have not yet been fully studied. However, new studies are published from time to time, which claim that the harm from vape is almost comparable to the effect of tobacco products. It is worth noting that we are talking about vaping nicotine liquids, but refills without their content are practically harmless. But in any case, vaping is more comfortable and enjoyable than regular smoking.

Today, as soon as the question of what is more harmful vaping or cigarettes, or what is safer to consume, is raised, the debate is always divided into two camps. Some argue that a vape is much less harmful to health, while others say that there is no difference between smoking cigarettes and vaping. In this case, it is immediately striking that there are almost no people willing to claim that a vape is more harmful than cigarettes, and this point can be considered indicative because even with simple inputs, it becomes clear, a vape does carry significantly less harm, primarily when the best mods are used.

Smoking tobacco products has become an unpopular activity that more and more people want to get rid of. Vaping will help reduce the daily dose of nicotine and satisfy the need for psychological dependence on the process of smoking.

You are the only person to control the vaping substance


The undeniable advantage of this device is controlling the amount of nicotine and avoiding overdosing on the substance. The maximum nicotine content in 1 ml of vape liquid is 36 mg, and the minimum is 0 mg. Therefore, by gradually reducing the concentration of an alkaloid in a vaporizing liquid, you can completely get rid of tobacco addiction. Reducing the concentration by 3 mg/ml every two weeks is considered the most comfortable. This methodology will allow a person almost painlessly to give up smoking.


If traditional smoking harms the human body and causes respiratory and cardiovascular systems diseases, then vaping is much safer. The absence of harmful tars, carbon monoxide, and other toxic substances, low carcinogen content makes a vape a milder alternative to a cigarette. Flavored vapor has no negative impact on the human heart and circulatory system. Cardiologists note that after quitting traditional tobacco products in favor of electronic counterparts, shortness of breath decreases, and heart rhythm is restored. The prices of tobacco products have risen significantly over the past few years. So, buying the best vape mod is a great option for those who do not plan to give up smoking but are looking to save money.

Vaping is not so much about giving up traditional cigarettes as it is about the culture that has formed in recent years around electronic devices. They are becoming more practical and convenient and do not look like cigarettes at all. As a result, the line of vape mods is expanding all the time, avoiding the unpleasant taste in the mouth and the tobacco smell from the smoker.




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