4 Reasons to Cut Contact with Your Ex

4 Reasons to Cut Contact with Your Ex

Letting go of an ex-partner can feel difficult. Even if the relationship ended amicably, regular contact might be confusing, and it can even prevent you from moving forward with your life. While deleting an ex from your phone or unfollowing them on Facebook might seem extreme, it could be the best decision you ever make. If you’re not convinced, here are four reasons why you must cut contact with your ex.

  1. To Grieve the Relationship

To Grieve the Relationship

Even if you chose to end the relationship, you could experience feelings of sadness, guilt, or anger. After spending a long time with a partner, it can be difficult to imagine they will no longer be in your life, even as a friend.

Staying in touch with an ex after the end of a relationship will delay the grieving process. If it helps, explain to your ex why you need to cut ties, and maybe you can become friends once you have found a new life without them.

  1. To Fall Out of Love with Them


If your ex chose to end the relationship, you might experience various painful emotions, such as heartache, confusion, and frustration. However, as hard as it might be to accept that your ex no longer loves you, you must take steps to move on from the relationship.

Overcoming unrequited love is never easy, but it is possible with time, support from loved ones, and reflection. First, however, you must stop all contact with your ex-partner, or you might struggle to fall out of love with them.

  1. To Avoid Obsession

cut contact with your ex

Cutting contact can prevent you from developing feelings of bitterness or anger toward your ex. On the other hand, watching an ex move on without you might feel painful, especially if they appear to enjoy single life or enter a new relationship.

Unfollowing them on social media will ensure you don’t spend your days scrolling through their tweets or Instagram photos. Also, please resist the temptation to drop them a text to learn how they are, as you might not like the response you receive. Instead, you can then focus 100% of your attention on moving forward with your life.

  1. To Find a Healthier Relationship

Holding handsStaying in touch with your ex could leave the door open to return to the relationship, especially if you still love them, or vice versa. On the other hand, regular contact can result in confusing feelings, as you might question if you made the right decision by saying goodbye to the relationship.

Once you start dating, you might question your feelings for a potential new partner or compare them to your ex. Give yourself the best possible chance of experiencing a healthier relationship by removing all contact, as you’ll have no excess baggage when you return to dating.

Moving on from a relationship might not feel easy, especially if you have an extensive history with an ex. However, deleting them from your life could help you start afresh and find love with a much better match.

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