Budgeting For Your Home Heating How Different Heating Solutions Work

Heating systems- Budgeting Home Heating: How Heating Solutions Work

The US Energy Information Administration reveals that homeowners spend about $1,400 on electricity. And almost 50% of that budget accounts for heating and cooling, according to move.org. Heating systems are essential parts of the home, but they can be more costly to run than other energy-consuming appliances in your house. Fortunately, heating systems come in various sizes and models to accommodate different types of homes.

If you’re looking to install a new heating appliance, take the time to familiarize yourself with multiple technologies. Then compare prices and create a budget that fits your specific needs. So, how can you budget your home heating? Check out how different heating solutions work.


Outdoor Boiler

Heating systems

In the cold winter months, it can be hard to think about home heating. However, it is important to know that there is a variety of different methods of heating your home that can all save you money in the long run. One way to heat your home is through anĀ outdoor boiler. An outdoor boiler heats your water before it turns into steam and goes through pipes inside your home. They are very popular because they cost less than an oil burner or gas boiler but still provide a comfortable and warm household temperature.


Furnaces use various fuels, including propane, electricity, gas, and oil, to provide heat in living spaces. However, many homeowners prefer gas-powered furnaces because they can provide cooling during the hot season. Since gas furnaces rely on a forced air distribution system or ductwork, adding a heat pump or air conditioner ensures cool air circulates in your home when it’s hot.

Other benefits of choosing a gas furnace include high energy efficiency 80-99% for newer models and a long life expectancy of between 15 to 30 years. Not to mention, furnaces are also inexpensive to maintain.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating distribution systems provide electric heat or hot water through special tubes installed under the floor. That way, heat is delivered directly from flooring surfaces to occupants in a room through radiation. There are several benefits linked to radiant heating like increased efficiency and reduced indoor air pollution because radiant heat systems don’t distribute allergens like forced air heating appliances. Compared to furnaces, the cost of running radiant floor heating systems is relatively cheaper. In fact, the US Department of Energy reports you can save 25-50% on energy bills when you opt for radiant heating.

Heat Pumps

If you intend to install a system that doubles as a home heating and cooling solution, a heat pump should be your top consideration. These systems gather heat from the surroundings and release it inside your home for heating. When it’s hot, they pull heat from the inside and discharge it outdoors. Heat pumps are efficient than other heating systems, but they perform well in moderate climate areas.

Understanding the different types of home heating solutions is a crucial step. You will have an idea of how heating systems function and budget accordingly. When budgeting for your home heating, be sure to factor in the buying price, installation, and maintenance costs.

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2 thoughts on “Heating systems- Budgeting Home Heating: How Heating Solutions Work

  1. Your description of radiant floor heating was really interesting. Reduced air pollution could be a benefit that can do a lot for my family since having cold weather already makes us sneeze a lot more than normal, and dirty air could make that even worse. Once I find a heating expert in the area, I’ll definitely ask for a radiant floor heating system from them.

  2. One of my friends recently moved into the countryside, and now she’s looking for suggestions on how to keep her new home warm. I like your suggestion of using a gas furnace since it can heat her entire house by taking advantage of its ductwork. I’ll be sure to pitch this idea to her as soon as we talk again!

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