The Best Products to Put in Your Carry-On Bag

The Best Products to Put in Your Carry-On Bag

It seems airlines are constantly changing their restrictions on carry-on baggage. With weight and size restrictions in mind as well as limits on the number of carry-ons per passenger, what are the true essentials you need to bring on your vacation in the limited space?

Below are some of the best products you’ll need to put in your carry-on baggage to be prepared for your next vacation:


Whether you’re looking at prescriptions or over the counter medications, if there are any medications you need to be at your best, you’ll want to pack them in your carry-on bag. If your luggage is lost or something goes missing, you’ll know you still have the essentials.


When packing, make sure every liquid you bring is under the 100 milliliter limit for carry-on baggage, and that you pack them in a one-quart plastic bag that properly seals closed.

Whether you’re on a layover, and you get to your destination without your checked baggage, you’ll be grateful to have your toiletries ready at hand.

Some products you may want to consider include a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, and any makeup you’d feel uncomfortable being without upon arrival.

Keep skincare products top of mind. Some of the essential travel sized toiletries include lotion and makeup remover wipes, which will help you feel more refreshed from all the flying, which can dry out your skin and make things rough. Also, consider facial mists and other moisturizers.

Keep Yourself Safe and Clean

The Best Products to Put in Your Carry-On BagPack some hand sanitizer in with your toiletries and possibly some disinfectant wipes. You can wipe down the armrests, serving tray, and the back of the seat in front of you to keep your space on the plane as clean as possible. Airplanes have always been a place full of germs where it’s easy to get sick, so playing it safe can help increase your chances of arriving at your destination without catching anything. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these cautionary measures are more important than ever.

A Filtered Water Bottle

You can now find collapsible water bottles that make it a lot simpler to pack them down to fit in your carry-on baggage and still stay healthy and hydrated while you fly. A filtered water bottle will make it easy to drink quality water that tastes great.

You may want more than just your phone to keep you entertained. You may bring a book–though if bringing a paper copy, consider the weight and size carefully. Items like an e-reader, tablet, small laptop, or other easy to pack electronics can be excellent choices.

Change of Clothes

If your baggage is lost, you’ll be grateful to have clean underwear to change into when you get to your destination. You can always buy clothes when you get there if necessary, but having at least one easy change is a smart move.

Charging Cables and Power Banks

While your battery life may be excellent, it’s never foolproof. Don’t underestimate how much you may be using your electronics while traveling, whether it’s for entertainment, checking travel information, consulting maps, and phoning airlines or accommodations should problems arise. Keep your charging cables easily accessible. You should also consider bringing one or two power banks in case you can’t find an outlet when you need one.

Travel Documents

Documents like your passport and visas should always be kept close. If you have any printed information on activities you have booked, your accommodation, maps for where you’re going, or other essentials, make sure to keep them close in your carry-on bag.

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