Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Worth Visiting

Now that Countries have opened up to vaccinated travelers, people are getting back to traveling. For travelers on a budget, fall is one of the cheapest times of the year to travel. Due to the development and the currency conversion some destinations offer even a much better value when it comes to traveling. Spending $ 50 for a dinner in Paris or Berlin doesn’t make sense when you can spend that amount in one whole day traveling to places such as Argentina, Turkey, and Poland.  What follows is a list of countries that will offer you a budget friendly travel destinations .



Personally, I don’t know what you think of Romania, but whatever that opinion is, leave it behind. Medieval heritage, ancient churches, and small towns are all apart of Romania. This is not only the country of Soviet Union architecture, but an exciting destination. Romania is becoming one of the most visited destinations in Europe and it surely has what to offer.

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Situated in the Caucasus, this country is still unknown to many. This destination is perfect for the hiking traveler. The capital, Tbilisi, shows us Georgian wooden houses, while on the other hand, the presence of the Soviet Union architecture. The mixed cultural heritage will bring some great energy and will make you want to stay longer. It is also very mystical at the same time, hiding some monasteries in the caves and the view of the Black Sea.



The presentation of the country as a dangerous place hitting the news reports made a great damage on the traveling reputation of this country. The cultural value of Mexico City, the Chiapas states, Oaxaca… It is worthy of mentioning the dollar conversion here, which gives you much more pesos than before.



Forget about the current political controversies and visit this country. Lying in between Europe and Asia, this destination will leave you breathless. Istanbul is the cultural center, being the home of the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire, a city mixture of cultures and history.



Not very far away from Europe, located in North Africa. If you don’t have a place where to stay, don’t miss the chance to stay in their riads- the traditional hotels with lovely gardens offering a place where to relax and enjoy the peace.


Travel Destinations

Despite the ups and downs of the economy in recent years. Buenos Aires is a great destination to visit, but Cordoba and Salta are also places worth visiting. The countryside offers no less beauty- the Patagonia region will satisfy the mountain’s lovers.



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