Taking Care of You

Taking Care of You

You’re a mother, a wife, and you have a full-time job with high demands. While you’re excellent at tending to the needs of your children and spouse, you often neglect yourself. You are as important as any other family member, and as such need to take care of yourself too. Listed below are a few things you should do to promote personal health and overall wellness.

Healthy Weight

Healthy WeightTime is always of the essence. As a result, you may opt to grab a sweet danish and hot latte on the way to work to save time. Unfortunately, it provides little or no nutrition, excessive calories and it will cause a sugar crash in a few hours. You are very careful with your children as to their diet, however, when it comes to you you don’t use the same concerns. It’s essential that you start your day with healthy foods to fuel, energize and keep the extra pounds at bay. If you’re short on time, bring a low-fat yogurt, granola and a piece of fruit to the office.

Sufficient Rest

Sleep is something that everyone needs to function properly, maintain emotional balance and optimum health. When you fall into a deep sleep, your body begins to repair itself, doing a self-check of the organs and bodily functions. Your brain also stores away the day’s events permanently in the memory banks. Without enough rest, you’ll feel out of sorts, distant, tired and sluggish. Things that happened just a day ago will also be harder to recall. In addition, sleep promotes steady rates of metabolism, emotional well-being, and boosts the immune system.

Exercise Weekly

Exercise is an essential component of any healthy routine. To achieve a higher level of effectiveness, you should workout three to four days each week for approximately 40 minutes. Exercise helps you maintain higher levels of metabolism, burn more calories and maintain a fit physique, ideal for showing off your bandeau bikini at the beach. What you may not know is that exercise also increases mental stability, brain power and focus.

Downtime Slots

You run around at home and you’re in high demand at the office. Many working moms end up with stress overload. Having downtime is essential to maintaining your health and your sanity. Create time slots throughout the day that you can use to self-meditate, read a book or engage in your favorite hobby.

Lose the Guilt

The so-called “super moms” feel that they need to do everything. This is simply not true. In fact, it’s unhealthy. No one person can do it all for any length of time. Lose the guilty feeling that, if you pass on some of the chores and errands to others, you’re not doing your job. Have your children pick up after themselves and your spouse pitch in with everything else. By working together as a family you’ll create a strong bond and promote independence.

A Day of Pampering

Women want to feel beautiful. A wonderful way to retain the feeling is to have a day once each month of self-pampering. Go to the spa and get the full treatment or create your own spa day at home. After that, you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle anything.

Annual Doctor Visits

You make sure that your child goes to the doctor for their checkup, so why don’t you do the same? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for women to put off going to the doctor in lieu of others. If you feel that something is off internally, make an appointment. Many types of diseases are preventable with early detection. Add an annual physical to your to-do list and mark your calendar.

Your life matters. Make every effort to take care of yourself.

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