How We Can Support Small Businesses To Thrive Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

How We Can Support Small Businesses To Thrive Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

The latest small business statistics reveal that 1 out of 3 small businesses in the US is not operational, according to Oberlo. The economic impact of lockdown has hit small businesses hard. Even entrepreneurs who have internalized the value of expecting tough times are facing financial challenges. Fortunately, there are ways consumers can help entrepreneurs to prepare for small business success amid the crisis. Check these tips on how you can support small businesses in your area.

Buy Online From Local Stores

Instead of buying items from bigger brands, consider shopping from local stores via online services. While not all local shops have e-commerce websites, you may buy products via outlets like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Also, check Facebook and Instagrams because some entrepreneurs are selling their items on social media platforms. If a business owner doesn’t have an active online presence, contact them to see if they can deliver goods to your home or office. Most businesses that lack shipping infrastructure will have a pick-up curbside where you can collect your ordered items.

Consider Booking Services in Advance

While a business might be closed due to the health crisis, you may book services and pay in advance. For instance, if you need a catering service for a wedding or party you intend to host next year, make arrangements with your local caterer or restaurant ahead. If you’re a business owner looking to reopen, start searching for certified COVID-19 cleaning services weeks before your resume work. Consider prepaying for disinfection services, and be sure to ask for a discount if you plan to hire for regular maintenance. That way, you’ll be saving on costs while supporting small local businesses with immediate revenue.

Give Donations & A Helping Hand

Many small businesses have closed down completely due to reduced cash flow. As a result, a large percentage of employees have become jobless. If you are financially stable, consider donating to your favorite local shop. Giving donations to a small business is one of the best ways to help entrepreneurs save money for wages workers might be losing while in lockdown.

Small businesses greatly impact the society they serve and the employees who depend on them for income. However, during tough economic times, small and medium enterprises find it hard to stay afloat. It’s only fair for their clients to help them cope during these challenging times. As a consumer, you can support a business by buying gift cards, shopping online, giving donations, and leaving positive reviews.

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