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Microsoft MS-500 ExamAny IT certification is definitely well worth the investment. It offers a better-earning potential in comparison to those who stay inside an outdated knowledge zone. In an industry where trends and competitions are constant, it’s never enough that you just go with the flow. It is time to level up your skills. Getting certified is a big decision. It takes a lot of sacrifices and a great volume of determination and commitment. If you are pursuing the field of Microsoft 365 Security Administration, then prepare yourself with the corresponding MS-500 exam. Before you attempt this certification test, here’s what you should know about it ahead of time.

All Valuable Things You Need to Know about MS-500 Test
  1. It is a requirement for a role-based certification.

The very first thing you need to be conversant with is that MS-500 exam is actually the requirement for earning Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate. This certification is part of the new technical program recently elaborated and released by Microsoft. As a role-based credential, it will give you the possibility to acquire substantial job-based skills instead of abstract knowledge. The exam is in line with the specialized technical tasks in Microsoft 365 environment that you’ll encounter in the future as a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator.

  1. It is an associate-level certification exam.

Aside from being a role-based qualifying test, MS-500 stands on the second certification level. Hence, it’s advisable for you to equip yourself with the knowledge and practical skills in Microsoft 365 workloads. With good experience and skills in information and identity, and threat protection,  you won’t have a hard time prepping for the exam. If you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of all Microsoft 365 features and functions, along with important cloud concepts, it’s best that you first complete Microsoft 365 Fundamentals by passing MS-900 exam.

  1. It has been revised recently.

Though role-based certifications like Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate are relatively new, there are still regular changes in most exam content bases that are taking place. And this has happened also to the MS-500 test, which was updated last November 26, 2019. That is why it’s crucial that you always check the latest exam topics to cover the most updated objectives.

As for MS-500 test content, it focuses on four major areas that include: management and implementation of identity and access, information and threat protection, and governance and compliance aspects’ features management features in Microsoft 365. Each of these key subjects has its own corresponding topics that you need to understand to pass the exam.

  1. It unlocks a profound range of technical skills.

Preparing and passing the MS-500 exam is such a beneficial way to know more about Microsoft 365 security administration. Here, you will discover the efficient ways to implement, administer, and monitor different security and compliance solutions for both Microsoft 365 and hybrid settings. As a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator, you’ll become equipped with the practical skills needed in enterprise environments. These include securing the platform, responding to threats, carrying out investigations, and implementing data governance. Aside from these tasks, you’ll also need to team up with enterprise administrators as well as workload administrators and business stakeholders in implementing security plans and insuring that you compile with the organizations’ policies.

  1. It is highly intended for experienced Microsoft 365 Security Administrators.

The best candidates are individuals who are already familiar with the entirety of Microsoft 365 concepts and workloads. These should include a significant background in various protection aspects, including identity, information, and threat. More than that, your experience in data governance and security management should be comprehensive.

Best Materials to Successfully Clear Your MS-500 Exam
  • Microsoft Training Courses

Firstly, you can efficiently benefit from four 1-day-long courses provided by Microsoft that run in parallel to the four major topics of MS-500. These earlier are as follows:

  • Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access – this first 1-day learning track provides you with skills in protecting identity and access management against credential compromise as well as using password protection, external access, multi-factor authentication, and such.
  • Administering Microsoft 365 Built-in Compliance – here, this course expands your knowledge about Microsoft 365 archiving, retention, data governance, and Global Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR.
  • Implementing Microsoft 365 Threat Protection – there comes another solid course that harnesses your proficiency in threat protection so you effectively protect Microsoft 365 environment through Secure Score, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Azure Advanced Threat Protection, and such.
  • Implementing Microsoft 365 Information Protection – lastly, this learning route gives applicants more information about ways to protect the information in a Microsoft 365 setting through various solutions like message encryption, policies, labels, managed content, and Microsoft Cloud App Security.


  • Free Exam Dumps and Premium Files from Exam-Labs

After completing the recommended courses, you can get more support from the great website. This top training source offers the most updated and reliable dumps for your MS-500 exam inside MS-500 Premium File, along with other in-demand certification exams. Besides, their free exam dumps uploaded by recent users consist of real exam questions. These files use the VCE Exam Simulator. If you want upgraded dumps, they are delivered to you with 115 questions and answers for the test at just $29.99.

  • Exam Ref MS-500 by Bryan Lesko and Ed Fisher

Available  April 2020, via Microsoft Press Store this book will serve as the official study guide for Microsoft 365 Security Administration. This material focuses on a more advanced-level preparation to help you particularly polish your skills on the subject.


Sharpen your security administration expertise in Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments with the help of MS-500 exam dumps. Obtaining this Microsoft badge is a career booster. Give it your best shot!


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