Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Our Visit to Jungle Cat World

The Durham Region offers a range of attractions that will keep everyone entertained this summer. One such attraction is Jungle Cat World. Located just 45 minutes east of Toronto in Orono, Ontario, Jungle Cat World, originally named “Orono Exotic Cat World,” is a wildlife park  set on 15 acres that was established in 1983 by Wolfram and Christa Klose.  Jungle Cat World offers a wild assortment of things to do from behind the scenes tours to a stay at their Bed & Breakfast.

Jungle Cat World is home to some of my most favorite of animals from  Amur Tigers,  to the mountain lion, a cougar (Puma concolor), Vaadim the amur leopard  and my husbands personal favorite two timber wolfs named Zara and Akela. The zoo is also home to a hyena, two Eurasian lynx named Sebastian and Bella and three ring tailed lemurs. The wildlife park has numerous multiple fencing areas to prevent any animals from escaping or threatening the public.

Our Visit to Jungle Cat World

Our Visit to Jungle Cat World

Jungle Cat WorldWe visited Jungle Cat World towards the end of July. This was our third trip to the zoo. Of course Miss P enjoyed her visit a little more this visit as she is older.

She had a conversation with some llamas who were hanging around in the park and stop to say a hello to a donkey with an itchy ear.  The donkey just happen to be taking a stroll through the park as well.  Don’t be surprised if you see ducks,  and a peacock roaming the ground freely.

The goats you can feed corn bought at the entrance for $2 a bag.

Feeding the cats, however, is left to the professionals. Afternoon feeding tours start at 1:30 p.m. daily, beginning with the African Lions, followed by the Amur Tigers.  You are able to see the cats fed right in front of you. They are fed by a hole in the fence and the zookeeper gives educational talks about the animals. If you are the type of person that has a queasy stomach, perhaps the feeding tour isn’t for you. We only caught part of the feeding tour this visit, but have taken part in the feeding tour in the past and find it to be very educational. Staff are always so knowledgeable about the different animals at the zoo.

A Snack Bar offering light meals is open during the summer season. You can also bring along a picnic and enjoy it on the patio, just outside of the Gift Shop.

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Jungle Cat World also has a small playground, a lookout point, a pond and a dog training facility.

You can expect to spend about two hours here, so it is a nice small zoo to take the kids to if you are looking for a day trip.

Safari Zoo Camp

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Safari Zoo Camp is the only camp that offers a residential wildlife adventure.  They provide children the unique privilege to through hands on experiences, which will help develop an awareness for endangerment to wildlife. The camp is located just outside of the zoo perimeter for safety reasons. Each night, children listen to the roars of the lions and howling of the wolves. Although most of the program takes place at the zoo, the camp will go on weekly outing such as tree top trekking and caving.

Of course, after dark is when things really get wild at Jungle Cat World, so be sure to sign up for a nighttime group safari. The zoo also offers three safari themed B&B suites so you can fall asleep to the howls and roars of the jungle.

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

In closing, I will be bringing Miss P back for sure!  I am hoping to do the behind the scenes tour next time we visit.


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11 thoughts on “Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

  1. What a unique place this would be to visit. What beautiful animals. My grandchildren would love to visit as would I.

  2. Looks like a great place to visit and I am sure the kids enjoy it. I can see the smile on your daughter’s face that she had a fun time. Glad she is feeling better.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time, I personally really like to visit zoos and the big cats are my favourite! watching them being fed would be pretty amazing and I bet all the kids enjoyed that part, I also love my goats just not at a zoo they are so pushy and demanding lol loved looking at all your pictures!

  4. WOW,the photos are amazing you must have had an amazing time. She is growing up so fast and so beautiful.

  5. I have traveled past this place many times but have not visited yet. I think a road trip should be planned this weekend. It looks like you had a fun time Rose.

  6. We took our 4-yr. old grandson to Jungle Cat World and were more than happy with the experience. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

  7. We were at Jungle Cat World with our 8 year old daughter. We loved the place. You get to see the animals really close, you see them play and interact with each other.

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