Win a Libre Tea Infuser There’s nothing more soothing during the cold winter season than a warm cup of goodness. For many, an aromatic tea is the beverage of choice and loose leave tea is all the rage.  For the tea drinker on your holiday shopping list pick up a Libre Peace Dove Infuser, by Kulov and give the gift of their favorite tea. The Libre tumbler is an environmentally friendly tumbler that is perfect for on the go or at home.

This simple and elegant leak resistant thermal infuser has a health conscious glass interior and a durable Poly Tritan exterior. The double walled design keeps your tea either hot or cold for a long time. The poly Tritan exterior makes the tea infuser light, shock resistant, and cool to the touch.  The fine stainless steel tea filter is surrounded by BPA-free polypropylene as is the lid interior.

The Peace Doves limited edition infuser is very easy to use too. First add about a teaspoon of loose leaf tea to your Libre Tea glass. Loose tea can either go in the base of the glass and you sip through the filter lid. The tea can also go in between the filter lid and the top lid. You then re remove both lids to drink the tea directly from the glass.

The tea glass seals tightly, so you can carry it  your bag without worry.

From the promising antioxidants of green tea, to the reduction of high cholesterol and weight control that comes with Oolong teas, to mom’s favorite Earl Grey black tea,  the tea drinker in your life will appreciate all that Libre has to offer.

Libre Peace Dove InfuserLibre Peace Dove Infuser

The Libre Peace Dove Infuser has so many new uses these days beyond loose tea convenience.  You can also use it for fruit water, or a shaker for nutritional shakes. We’ve used ours for ice coffee, flavored water, smoothies, hot chocolate,  and of course tea.

Libre teaMy son an avid tea drinker would truly be lost without his Libre Tea glass. It is a name he has stood behind sense he first introduced me to Libre more than six years ago.

Don’t miss this unique chance to purchase a limited edition Libre Peace Doves infuser for your loved ones this Christmas!



Win a Libre Peace Dove Infuser

Now we want to give you the chance to win your very own Libre Glass Infuser. Giveaway is open to Canadian Residents 18 and over.

Libre Peace Doves infuser

Rose DesRochers
Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.


  1. Avatar

    I would use it to take my tea to work. Such a pretty design!

  2. Avatar

    I would use this Libre Peace Dove Infuser for some of the loose teas I have.

  3. Avatar

    I would give it to my sister. She would use it for tea

  4. Avatar

    My daughter would probably steal it but I would use it to infuse some peach tea.

  5. Avatar

    Love the Libre Tea infuser for making my different teas.Very pretty design !

  6. Avatar

    I need the Libre Tea Infuser in my life…I had no idea it existed! I love the leak proof lid; I always have tea in my bag.

  7. Avatar

    I would use this for my daily tea and also for smoothies

  8. Avatar

    Would be great for my ice tea.

  9. Avatar

    I’d mostly use it for my herbal teas.

  10. Avatar

    I would love this for my tea choices and to have hot or cold beverages is just amazing so I’m sure I’d use it for an occasional smoothie. Very pretty!

  11. Avatar

    It would be a gift for my niece

  12. Avatar

    I love that it’s not just great for tea. I would make my take on a Cucumber Collins in it.

  13. Avatar

    I love my tea infuser. I use it for tea.

  14. Avatar

    I would use it for my iced tea, especially my lemon ginger teas. These designs are so pretty.

  15. Avatar

    It is like a snow globe for tea lovers!So pretty! 🙂

  16. Avatar

    I own two of them.

  17. Avatar

    I love my Libre!

  18. Avatar

    The design is so pretty.This would be perfect for my flavored water.

  19. Avatar

    What a fantastic glass for tea lovers.

  20. Avatar

    I love tea and these glasses are so pretty!

  21. Avatar

    Libre Glass Tea Infuser Glasses are wonderful. My daughter has one and she uses it all the time.

    • Avatar

      so happy for your daughter’s Libre love:) we designed them to be useful and pretty:)

  22. Avatar

    I the fact that these actually filter the tea along with the fact that they can hold hot and cold beverages!

  23. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. I have to say I do love the design !

  24. Avatar

    The Libre Tea Infuser is very attractive; I love the design.

  25. Avatar

    I love that the BPA-free poly exterior not only insulates but protects the glass interior.


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