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EsiCam Wireless Video Doorbell- capture porch pirates-porch pirating

While home security products may not be among the most obvious gift ideas, the gift of peace of mind is something that will last throughout the year. Unfortunately, the holiday season is considered the prime season for the epidemic of porch pirating.  Porch pirating is when a criminal steals a package from your porch.  We do our share of online shopping and have fallen victim to porch pirating on multiple occasions. A wireless video doorbell does its bit to help me fight back against porch pirates Not only can the EsiCam Wireless Video Doorbell capture a crime in progress, so that I can notify the police, but it will record the crime for later video footage evidence.

The EsiCam Wireless Video Doorbell is easy to install and the box includes everything you need to install it. What’s in the box: Video Doorbell, four mounting screws, four anchors, security screwdriver, mounting bracket, AC power in cable, and user manual. Also included are two rechargeable batteries that you recharge right in the doorbell itself. It uses a C-Class USB cable, (sold separately) or you can plug it in for direct power. If using the charging method it takes about two and a half hours for a full charge. It should last for two weeks before needing another charge.

Setting up the Video Doorbell With Cloud Storage

To start the overall setup, you need to download the XSH Cam APP from either Google Play or the Apple Store.The Wi-Fi Connection only supports 2.4GHz, which may be a deal breaker for some users, however the 2.4GHz is pretty much the standard in most WiFi configurations.

The EsiCam Wireless Video Doorbell includes free Cloud Service using the “XSH cam APP”.  This allows you to save the videos to the cloud for review. The cloud will store up to twenty videos daily. When a visitor pushes the doorbell, it starts recording and saves it to the cloud. Cloud magnifies the effectiveness of the doorbell. If someone breaks into your home and takes the video doorbell,  evidence will be instantly uploaded and placed beyond their reach. If you prefer not to use the cloud service you can keep all videos and photo captures locally by increasing the internal memory to 32 Gigs using a TF memory card.

Be sure to allow the XSH Cam APP to run in the background on your smartphone and ensure you have enabled push notifications.

My Thoughts

Wireless Video DoorbellWith the EsiCam Wireless Video Doorbell, l can see who is at my door anytime and anywhere. If anyone pushes the doorbell button it alerts my phone with video and sound allowing me to interact with my visitor when I am away from home and at home.

Also, I live on a busy street. I appreciate that the doorbell features noise reduction to clear up audio sound and output. The other really nice feature is motion detection. If anyone comes close to the door or hovers within range of the PIR it alerts me by sending me a text message.

I find the quality of the camera to be pretty good. It is equipped with a 720P Lens that offers a 166° Wide Angle. The EsiCam Doorbell provides video in High Definition 1080×720 resolution. With the wide angle and high resolution, I never miss someone at my front door even when they are just leaving a package.

The video doorbell is also equipped with night vision. The resolution is very clear allowing me to easily make out the individual at my door. And the doorbell button lights up at night time for viability.

I am always looking for ways to leave my home less vulnerable to an intruder. I have fallen victim to a home intruder on two past occasions. It has left me with not only an uneasy feeling but with a feeling of violation knowing someone was able to break into my home. The EsiCam Wireless Video Doorbell adds an extra layer of security to my home.

If you are unsure, what to gift your loved ones this Christmas season give them peace of mind. Wireless video doorbells and security cameras are the best security guard for their home against break-ins and porch pirates. While you’re at it, treat yourself to an EsiCam Wireless Video Doorbell for your own home.

Website: https://amzn.to/2OWVO4T


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5 thoughts on “EsiCam Wireless Video Doorbell- capture porch pirates-porch pirating

  1. We bought a door bell and a wireless outdoor camera to watch our front door and side gate entry to our home, but it’s terribly slow to load and half the time it loads too late to communicate with whomever was at the doorbell or saved clips won’t load correctly. I will check out this one. Thanks for the help!

  2. I want to get a wireless Ring door bell but not sure which one to get. Thank you for your suggestion Shawn.

  3. I want to get my son one of these. He works 3rd shift and needs this so his family will be safe when he’s gone.

  4. Sounds like a great addition to any home that would give you peace of mind. I have been thinking of buying a video doorbell myself.

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