Money maze puzzle box review

Money Maze Puzzle Box Review

Are you considering gifting cash this upcoming Christmas or lottery tickets? Bring gift-giving to a whole new level. Skip the money greeting cards and make gift giving fun with the Money Maze Puzzle Box from aGreatlife. Available in both blue and green the money maze is a brain game, gift holder and money bank all in one.

Money maze puzzle box review

How to open maze puzzle box

To open the Money Maze Puzzle Box, you have to get the ball to the end of the maze which triggers a sliding lever to unlock the box so that you can retrieve your money. Once the ball is positioned, push the slide bar across to open the money maze bank. The game will restart each time you close the money maze bank.

Be sure the ball is on the opposite size, to make the puzzle more challenging for your gift recipient.

As you can see by our video the puzzle is not as challenging as it the patience you need to get the ball to the finish line. For kids the money maze is a great tool to improve logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Puzzle Box Review

You don’t have to place money in the puzzle box either. There are endless possibilities for this litter gadget. Imagine gifting it to your girlfriend Christmas Eve, but inside it is an engagement ring.

Money Maze Puzzle Box ReviewThe money maze comes in a box ready for gift giving. Let’s comment on the box the puzzle comes in. The box is as cool as the maze itself. To make things even more fun you could wrap the box in a very large box.

The only downside to the Money Maze Puzzle Box is that I wish the opening was wider to insert a gift card. Nonetheless, this fun brain teaser will certainly keep them busy trying to retrieve the real gift Christmas morning.

Recommended for age about 6 years or up.


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  1. I like these kind of puzzles but my patience does not, I think I would get so mad at this box and throw it on the

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