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Beauty Trends Treating Underlying Causes Of Aging

Jeunesse Global- anti-AgingIndustry observers within the health and beauty sector say a rapid evolution is happening that’s leading toward combining “health” and “beauty” as two aspects that should not be separated from each other.

People are increasingly searching for more than purely cosmetic solutions to look younger. They also want to feel younger and be more energized. They want to know they are using a product that is treating their “inside” as much as their “outside.”

Take skin car applications, for example. In the past, the approach was to “paint” some product over the top of wrinkles or blemishes to basically conceal them from view. However, the underlying problem remained. Fast forward to today and a more substantive, integral and holistic approach is favored.

For a skin application to have true impact, it must treat the underlying condition as well as improve the look. Fortunately, science and medical research is moving toward making this a reality.

Stem cell technology

One such advancement is in the field of stem cell technology.

Stem cells are “foundational’ cells upon which fresh tissues can grow. Infusing a skincare treatment with stem cell or stem-cell-like properties is a quantum leap beyond the mere cosmetic “hiding” action of conventional applications. According to Hair and Skin Clinic, which specialize in PRP skin treatment in Melbourne, It

Polypeptide technology

Another advancement creating considerable buzz within the health and beauty sector is something called polypeptide technology. Polypeptides are chains of amino acids linked together to form amine or peptide bonds. These amine and peptides bonds play a huge role in building the structure of the skin.

Bolstering the peptide bond in our skin can get at the root cause of all the major issues that make our skin age and make us look older, including wrinkles, discoloration, acne, cellulite, reddening (rosacea), under-eye bags and discoloration and more.

Thus, a skin care treatment that can enlist the power of polypeptides makes for an uncanny and incredible tool producing skin that not just looks younger or “disguised” – but actually become younger on a fundamental level.

Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse GlobalPerhaps no other health and beauty company has capitalized on stem cell and polypeptide technology than Florida-based Jeunesse Global. In fact, company founder Randy Ray was first inspired to create a stem-cell enabled skin treatment after a doctor treated his knee with stem cells. Ray’s doctor told him the stem cells he injected into his knee would promote the healthy growth of tissue in his knee. Randy reasoned that is knee tissues could be regenerated, then maybe skin cells could be too.

The result has been several revolutionary beauty products developed by Jeunesse Global. Two examples are Instantly Ageless and Luminesce. Both have proven remarkably superior agents for ridding the face of wrinkles and other facets of aging, such as under eye bags and discoloration. Public demonstrations and videos show these products in action. Wrinkles and under-eye puffiness and discoloration can be witnesses vanishing within seconds of application.

Jeunesse Global has also attacked aging and beauty on the nutritional level. The firm offers a line of healthy foods, shakes, supplements, energy drinks and more that supply the body with intense vitamin and antioxidant-rich nutrients that support healthy skin and body.

The future for even more advanced anti-aging and beauty products that treat the “inside” of the body while making the “outside” look better shows incredible promise.



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