How To Lower Your Electricity Bill and Improve Sleep

It can be difficult to lower your electricity bill, all while trying to get a better night’s rest. The problem with keeping your house cool on a budget is that traditional means of beating the heat are often pretty expensive, such as running an A/C for several hours. Luckily, there are ways to make your house cooler and darker for cheap that sleepers may not be fully aware of. There are products on the market specially designed to do this, which may come at ample savings on your electricity bill at the end of the month.

Following are some tips and tricks on how to save money on your electric bill and improve your sleep simultaneously! We will introduce you to methods and sleep accessories and devices that could potentially be more effective than traditional means.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains can be a fantastic choice in both keeping your room dark, as well as lowering the overall temperature of your space. This can come in handy if you have a particularly hard time keeping things cool overall, as blackout curtains can help block out sunlight and unwanted heat.

This is also a great option because of how inexpensive blackout curtains can be. You might also be interested in investing in energy efficient curtains, as well. Blackout curtains are effective because light tends to disrupt our sleep, which could be a major contributing factor in sleep deprivation.

Working against that, blackout curtains can certainly help improve your sleep by keeping out light which may wake you up.

If you want a cheaper option for solving two issues at once, which could also deliver in giving you better rest, you will want to check these out.

Fans and portable A/C units

Portable Air ConditionerWhile this may seem a bit obvious, keeping multiple fans around your house instead of an A/C running 24/7, can drastically reduce costs in your electric bill. They can help circulate air efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of traditional A/C units.

Keeping your bedroom cool while you sleep is important because temperature often dictates the quality of our sleep.

If you often find yourself sleeping hot to the detriment of your rest, you may want to consider a smaller, portable A/C unit as well. These are like the bigger house versions, except much smaller and they use less energy often by cooling down just one room.

Investing in a better, cooler mattress

Another thing you can do to help keep things cool is investing in a mattress specifically designed for cooler sleep. Some mattresses are specifically made with patented cooling technologies to help keep you cooler as you sleep.

If you are using a more traditional mattress that does not include cooling technologies, like gel-based cooling beads, you may have a harder time keeping cool at night. If this is a problem for you, investing in a better mattress could potentially help keep your nights much cooler than expected.

Other tips and tricks for keeping cool and improving sleep

Lower Your Electricity BillThere are sleep accessories that you can purchase as well that benefit your health and sleep. For starters, sleep masks can be quite ideal in helping your sleep by blocking out obtrusive light that could hinder your sleep in many ways.

Another accessory to invest in might be an ambient noise machine that could block out external sounds, keeping your surroundings nice and quiet. These might be effective in improving your overall sleep.

Using a combination of both fans and an A/C unit might also reduce your bills. Using your A/C for only a brief amount of time, then using fans to circulate the cold air could be much better than having your A/C on for an extended period of time.

Making use of your bathroom/kitchen fans is also very effective in combating the heat. After you take a shower or cook a meal, a lot of heat tends to generate, which increases the overall temperature of your house, making it much more tempting to turn on the costly A/C. A bathroom/kitchen fan can circulate this heat out of your house at a much cheaper cost


There are various ways that one can lower their electricity bill and improve their sleep with relatively inexpensive means. You can invest in sleep aids like blackout curtains, which also double at keeping out light and warmth, making your room a bit cooler and more pleasant to sleep in, or additional fans to keep your room a bit cooler.

Knowing which method or aid can help you best goes a long way in both beating sleep deprivation and rising electricity bill costs. Hopefully, this guide has served as a proper starting point on where to begin.


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