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Ooly unicorn-themed products for school

The holidays are a perfect time of year for giving the gift of creativity. This year skip the Crayola fun tub and give them everything they need to color, draw and create with Ooly. The company has many themed art supplies available. For the unicorn-loving artist, why not give them a gift of unicorn writing tools, unicorn stationery, and art supplies to express their creativity? From pre-wrapped unicorn writing gift sets to DIY unicorn gift sets, OOLY has some of the most magical unicorn gift ideas for kids. I have picked some of my personal favorite Ooly unicorn-themed products to help you spread some magic this upcoming holiday season.

Unicorn Coloring


What would Christmas be without a new coloring book? Kids can get out their new unicorn erasable color pencils and get ready for a little magic and whimsy with the Enchanting Unicorns Coloring Book! Within this book, you will find unicorn mermaids, and majestic castles sure to delight your little unicorn fan.

scratch coloring book

Go from just plain black to just plain beautiful in no time at all with Scratch and Scribble scratch art kits. Each kit has 4 illustrated Scratch and Scribble cards and an included scratching tool! We have used a number of scratch coloring books and am very pleased with the Ooly line. The colors are vibrant and quite detailed.


While not unicorn-themed, Ooly Rainbow sparkle glittered markers will make her unicorn masterpiece sparkle. The shimmering set of 15 Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers comes with 10 classic colors and 5 pastels colors so they’ll have plenty of colors to make wonderful works of art.

Unique unicorn erasers, pencil,s and pens

Ooly unicorn themed products

Available in four fun designs Unique Unicorns ClickIt Erasers are a simple, and yet cute way to erase pencil markings. Speaking of Erasers, these magical unicorns donut-scented erasers don’t just erase away your pencil mistakes, they’re puzzle pieces too! How adorable are they? This set of five unique unicorn strawberry-scented erasers comes with four colorful unicorns and one really large rainbow eraser. Now they can erase pencil-made mistakes with the magical scent of sweet strawberries.

Ooly unicorn themed products These unicorn pal unicorn journals are perfect for the on-the-go. You can toss one in your purse, so kids can doodle while waiting at the doctor’s office or for dinner to come at a restaurant. Each set of Pocket Pals comes with eight different unicorn design notebooks. There are 32 pages of lined paper in each notebook.

Kids can draw pictures, write stories and do their homework with this handy set of twelve pencils featuring a unicorn design.

When I was a little girl I loved multi-colored click pens. These 6 in 1 multi-color Unicorn Click Pens come in four different styles and feature six different colored inks. Colors include blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and black.

Also available from Ooly is a wide collection of happy packs. These make a great gift on their own or the perfect stocking filler. Choose from eighteen different packages, including five unique unicorn designs.

Unicorn Stickers and Patches- OH MY!

unicorn-themed products

Vibrant and versatile, your little artist will love to scratch, sniff and stick these delightful stickers onto their various art projects. One package includes two sticker sheets and eight die-cut stickers.

Iron-on patches were a huge fashion fad in the early 70s, which are making a comeback. Now you can iron a unicorn patch onto your daughter’s Jean jacket or jeans with these Unicorn Pals iron-on patches. Each package contains three patches.

Next time she pulls out a pencil, pen, notebook, or eraser, let it be covered in unicorns with Ooly unicorn-themed products. If Unicorns are not their thing perhaps they prefer super cute monster friends?

monster pals writing super set

So tell me, which Ooly Gift would you love to gift this Christmas?

razzle dazzle diy gem art kit

On my daughter’s wish list is the Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Unicorn Art Kit. She can dazzle her friends with the Unique Unicorns colorful gem art kit. It lets her create sparkly gem-enhanced artwork of a rainbow-colored unicorn. After all, things are just prettier when you bedazzle them.

OOLY is a contemporary gift/stationery company that offer an assortment of FUNctional items geared toward children and children at heart! Pay them a visit today: http://www.ooly.com

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