Mega Mermaid Makeover

Mega Mermaid Makeover

Mega Mermaid Makeover Little girls love mermaids. This upcoming holiday season let her transform herself into a beautiful mermaid with an easy mermaid makeover you can do at home. Make It Real’s Mega Mermaid Makeover makes a great gift for young girls and tweens. The kit includes all the essentials for mermaid makeup styling, along with an instructional Dream Guide for inspiration.

Mega Mermaid Makeover

With a wide palette of makeup options in the Mega Mermaid Makeover kit, she can experiment with colour and learn the basics of makeup styling. Also included is an inspiration sheet that gives her tips on how to apply eye shadow and nail polish correctly. Learning to put up makeup is important to young girls, and the guide will set her on the right track.

Parents will be pleased to know that the makeup in the Mega Mermaid Makeover kit is made from non toxic ingredients and the makeup comes off easily with soap and warm water. The products are tested to the highest toy and cosmetic safety standards.

Kit Includes:

  • Mermaid tail shaped eye shadow brush
  • 9 colors of eye shadow
  • Blush
  • Two mini cosmetic brushes
  • Lip gloss
  • Hair chalk
  • Tattoo sheet
  • Nail polish, stickers and nail file
  • Dream Guide magazine
  • Instructions
Our ThoughtsMermaid makeup

Overall, Mega Mermaid Makeover is a great starter kit for young girls who are beginning to experiment with makeup and is a nice add on to the Make it Real Deluxe Cosmetic Case. The colors are light and soft, which is perfect for young girls. We did find that the hair chalk took several applications before it showed up on my daughter’s auburn hair. It also did not work well on my brown hair. It make work better on blondes. I actually had to rub it on her hair, instead of gliding it through like suggested.

Mega Mermaid Makeover

Mega Mermaid Makeover Once applied the temporary tattoos come off with soap and water. Therefore, they are definitely not waterproof, which was a tad disappointing. We also find that they don’t transfer very well and went through several during application.

The nail polish is specifically for children and you just wash it off with some water.

Several applications of eye shadow were applied, and lip gloss finished off our little mermaid’s look. Makeup removal, nail polish, tatoos and hair chalk removal was easy at bedtime with a bath.

I hope you will add a little extra mermaid magic to your day this holiday season with the Mega Mermaid Makeover kit. Why not gift it with the Make it Real Mermaid blanket for the ultimate mermaid gift.

mermaid makeup

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Make It Real manufactures and distributes beautiful, compelling product for tween girls around the world.   Make It Real gives girls a window into the real world of design and creativity.


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5 thoughts on “Mega Mermaid Makeover

  1. My granddaughters would love this kit, they both love mermaids, and I have a feeling my grandson would actually join in with the fun as well!

  2. My two nieces will definitely love this! It would be the perfect Christmas gift for them since they both love makeup 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Having little girls around makes it so much fun. They love making us over. My grandaughter is the same way.

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