Matador wooden construction sets

Matador When one thinks of toys they are flooded with a million choices. KSM Toys plays homage to the classic wooden toy of the past. Matador wooden construction sets have literally stood the test of time and for some of us bring back fond memories of our early childhood. Panted in 1904 by Austrian engineer Johann Korbuly, came a wooden toy construction set made of blocks that you connect with wooden pins. In the 1930’s Matador toys was seen as the ideal educational tool in schools across Europe. Fast forward to Christmas 2018 and Matador wooden construction sets are the perfect gift for a childhood unplugged.

Matador is available for two age groups; Matador Ki (Ages 3 to 5 ) and Matador Classic (Ages 5 Years +). The parts are made of untreated wood from copper beech trees, grown in Austria in environmentally sustainable forests.

Matador wooden construction sets readily foster creative design and intuitive play. From an educational perspective, these kits help children Matador wooden construction setsdevelop their cognitive and fine motor skills. The kit combines three basic elements of play. With Matador, movement, motor skills and higher order thinking, provides open-ended learning.

Each Matador construction set includes a catalog of building ideas giving you a place to start. Of course, your child can implement their own ideas, because with Matador toys there are no limits to your child’s creativity.

Matador Wooden Toys

Matador wooden construction sets meet international safety standards and only use paints that are non-toxic and free of unwanted chemicals. The wood quality of the construction set is superb considering the wear and tear it goes through with building and dissembling ones creations.

Our 222 piece set includes an assortment of tools and instruction manual with assembly guidance for 66 different models!

Our ThoughtsMatador wooden construction sets

As a parent, I love that Matador wooden construction sets engage a child’s visuo-spatial style. Miss P was super excited to see her new construction toy and we started building with it right away. Though in the beginning she needed a bit of guidance, she is now building things independently. At first we started off with a simple structure and then moved on building more complicated ones together. She has now ditched the suggestion guide and is using her own imagination to build. I love that Matador encourages her imagination and helps bring her ideas to life.

Matador wooden construction sets

Miss P’s 28 year old sister Megan who has a traumatic brain injury even gave it a try. As an occupational tool, Matador toys are great for working on visual perceptual skill development and fine motor skills.

Matador Wooden Toys

This upcoming Christmas season give your child a gift they can enjoy playing with now, while also providing skills needs later in life. Each Matador wooden construction kit is slightly different, so be sure to check out the full selection of Matador wooden construction sets to find the best set for your child.

If you’re looking for educational and creative toys for your children this holiday season, pay a visit. Also available via Amazon-ETGtoys.

KSM Toys Matador Wooden Construction Set Giveaway

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KSM Toys Matador Wooden Construction Set Giveaway

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66 thoughts on “Matador wooden construction sets

  1. As a kid, I remember my grandpa carving toys out of wood for me. While I don’t have the skills to do that for my kids, I think this is the closest thing.

  2. I think the set is really unique! You can build so many things. It seems like a great toy to help build imagination and creativity. I also really like the look of the wooden blocks compared to plastic sets.

  3. Would be lots of fun for my kiddos and they would use their imagination not be sitting in front of a screen!

  4. The Matador Wooden Construction set really remind me of the Tinker Toy we spent hours playing with growing up. It definitely was a favorite toy. Kids need an abundance of products that allow them to utilize their hands in different ways, get their creative juices going and have a toy like this where they can build whatever that want, tear it down, and build something else. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  5. I absolutely love this. What an amazing way for kids to learn and to use their imaginations! I know our son & his cousins would have so much fun with this!

  6. love the idea of it, kids can build different things for hours, and since its wood you know it will last love it

  7. I think it’s really great that the wood is untreated and grown in a sustainable manner! Toys that allow creativity are great. I like that they have sets for preschoolers and for older kids as well.

  8. I love that they look to be great quality and there is such a variety of blocks to build with leading to endless possibilities.

  9. Its so fun !! Definitely bringing out creativity and using imagination! My son would be thrilled for sure he loves to build bridges and ramps for his vehicles etc

  10. I think my boys would have a lot of fun with this toy. They remind me so much of TinkerToys that I used to play with as a kid.

  11. Neat! I’ve never heard of this toy. It looks super fun and lots of different ways to build so the kids wouldn’t get bored

  12. I love wooden toys, and these look really creative! Building is not only fun but educational, so this toy definitely seems like a good one and one that will last and provide hours of entertainment for my son.

  13. I love the wooden sets reminds me of when my kids were young and so glad to see them, they are great at building motor skills

  14. I think Matador construction sets are great fun to start with and help develop fine motor skills and problem solving. But all this happens during creative play.

  15. I remember going to my grandmothers house when I was little and she had sets like this and I would sit and play for hours, I loved being able to build stuff, and I think my grandchildren would love these sets!!

  16. The Matador wooden construction sets look very high quality and like they would inspire creativity. They would make a perfect holiday gift!

  17. I remember playing with this types of toys when I was young, I know my 4 year old would have a blast playing with them. if I were to win, I think I would donate it to his jk class to play with

  18. Looks like so much fun , great for the kids to get creative!! I know my grand kids would definitely enjoy this very much !!

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