6 Tips For Making Laundry Day a Little Less Awful

Doing laundry is an inevitable part of self care; it’s a chore that for most is a begrudging, monotonous task. Like most of us, you probably wait until the washinglaundry pile grows and becomes too big or you need an item washed from it. Then you’ll have to start sorting it, washing it, drying it and possibly ironing it; before putting it all away. You can get exhausted just thinking about it! That’s why you need these 6 tips to make it a little less awful.

  1. Double The Laundry Baskets

No, this doesn’t mean you can wait twice as long before you start washing. But, it does mean you can sort your clothes as you go.

Simply place your whites in one laundry basket and place your colors in the other. This will reduce the sorting needed before washing and prevent accidentally changing the color of your clothes!

  1. Shrink The Basket

Another great tip is to shrink the size of your laundry baskets. The smaller they are, the quicker they’ll fill and the more often you’ll need to wash. This may seem more of a hassle, but doing small amounts of washing (just enough to fill the machine) more often will make it easier to stay on top of your dirty clothes.

  1. Wear It For Longer

You can wear some items more than once! In fact, this is actually better for your clothes and reduces your need to wash. That will result in financial saving as well! It may seem wrong wearing something more than once, but hygienically it is perfectly acceptable; it doesn’t even have to be consecutive days. According to Who What Wear, you should be washing jeans every four or five wears, because anything else will fade the dye.

  1. Set A Schedule

If you’re really struggling to stay on top of your washing or even get started, then you need to create a schedule.

If you’ve already integrated the above tips, then you can add a load to your machine in minutes. Simply make a note in for yourself or set a reminder on your phone to put the washing in. Do this at least twice a week and your washing pile will not build up.

Don’t forget to schedule yourself time to remove the wash, dry it and put it away!

  1. One Load At A Time

Don’t try to overload yourself by doing several loads of laundry one after the other. Instead, just do one at a time. This way, you’ll only need to deal with one load of drying, ironing and folding. This will make it easier to find the time and the motivation to get it done.

This tip ties in perfectly with having smaller laundry baskets; they’ll encourage you to wash one load at a time.

6. Choose The Right Products

You’ve probably heard that line drying is best. But, choosing the right washing cycle will maximize the cleaning effect on your clothes. Did you know that the fabric care products you use can make a huge difference to the life of your clothes and the environment?

The fact is, choosing the right products will help the environment and make you feel more motivated to do the laundry, (no matter how horrible you think it is!)

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