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 Hand Crank FlashlightFather’s Day is just around the corner. Let dad enjoy the convenience of a hand crank flashlight. A hand crank flashlight is very useful for a variety of reasons. This home essential is ideal for dad to use during power outages as well as in dark areas, including the garage and sheds. It’s also ideal for outdoor summer adventures, including camping, hunting and fishing trips. My husband keeps his hand crank flashlight in the car for emergencies.

The ThorFire hand crank and solar powered flashlight eliminates the need for batteries. The flashlight is solar activated and made of plastic and rubber. It feels pretty solid.

Pressing the button advances through 3 cycles: 1 light, 3 lights and blinking. The handle folds into the flashlight when not being used. To use the crank charge, flip the handle over and turn clockwise. I cranked the flashlight for one min and the flashlight stayed on for 60 min with the 3 lids.

As for the beam, I found the light to be a little weak, but the light depends on the charge. The stronger the charge, the brighter the light is going to be. To charge it the unit should be placed in full sun light. 1 hour of sunlight gives you 90 min of charge when using the 3 lids. Therefore, if you left the flashlight in the sun for 8 hours, you would have about 12 hours of use.

The waterproofing is a nice feature as well. The flashlight claims to be IPX6 Waterproof and Submersible up to 45 feet. I tested the theory by placing it in a sink of water. Because it floats, I held my hand on it to keep it submerged. I am happy to report, that is indeed waterproof. Overall, this is a great little flashlight. I should also add that an instruction sheet is provided and the unit comes with a 5 year warranty.

 Hand Crank Flashlights

The ThorFire hand crank and solar powered flashlight can be purchased via amazon.ca for just $21.99.

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