Boost Your Mood with Pine-Sol Spring Blossom

Spring is here and I’ve already begun Spring Cleaning my entire house. These free printable cleaning checklists from Cynthia Ewer, Author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Organized help me stay on track. My go to cleaner is Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner. I have been using Pine-Sol since I first moved out of my parents home 29 years ago and never have been let down.  Pine-Sol has long been known for its signature pine scent. Over the years new scents have come aboard. If the thought of scrubbing the house instantly puts you in a down mood, you can now turn to Pine-Sol Spring Blossom.

Spring Blossom is a beautifully pungent floral smell that delivers the combination of Jasmine, Magnolia and Orange Blossom.The smell is fresh, light, and not overwhelmingly floral. Sol Spring Blossom not only cleans but also deodorizes.  I like that I can use it on a variety of surfaces, so I don’t need to buy multiple cleaners for different rooms.

Spring Blossom can be found in grocery and discount retailers Canada-wide. If flowers are not your scent of choice there are other options.

To help you take on the task of spring-cleaning your home, Pine-Sol has offered some trade secrets to help you wipe out winter muck and open the floodgates of freshness.

Seven Pine-Sol Trade Secrets for the Perfect Spring Scrub

Tip #1: Get with the times

We see that old, dried up Christmas tree shedding its last needles on your hardwood* floor. It’s time to let go of the holiday spirit and scrap the shrub already! A quick swipe of the multi-purpose cleaner will mop up any lingering sap and leave your floors sparkling. In fact, they’ll be so shiny you won’t need those outdoor twinkle lights anymore, either. (Yeah, we see those too.)

Tip #2: Give your kitchen some love

Winter weather calls for comfort food classics. You’ve probably been cooking up a storm of rich delights like bacon cheeseburgers, fried chicken and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum! But judging by the greasy build-up on your kitchen cabinets, you haven’t been running the stove vent regularly. Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner can wipe away that dull, grimy build-up in a flash, and leave your cabinets looking clean.

Tip #3: Bathe your bathroom

You most likely clean your bathroom once a week — no? Just us? Ok. — but nooks and crannies often go overlooked in the weekly wipe down. Dunk a household cloth in a bucket of warm water with a splash of your new favourite cleaner, and wash down tiled walls for a squeaky clean finish with a lingering fresh scent. Get into those hard-to-reach (a.k.a. don’t want to reach) spots around the tub and toilet, too. Then clean out old beauty and grooming products, and replace with new items. You and your bathroom will be all the more beautiful for it.

Tip #4: The devil is in the details

Seriously, cleaning things like baseboards, walls and doorframes can be incredibly tedious. They seem to go on for days. But Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner helps to remove stains in one swipe, and leaves behind a heavenly scent. Use a sponge mop to help you cover a larger surface area in one wipe and get to those out-of-reach areas. Before long, you’ll be saying sayonara to devilish dirt and grime.

Tip #5: Deal with your garage

Yeah, we know, the garage is scary. It’s dark and damp, and there’s a stack of boxes piled up in the corner with labels like “Summer ’85” that you know hold nightmares of your teen years. But fear not, Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner can treat those stains so that everything looks sane again. It can also clean and disinfect garbage and recycling bins in a jiffy. Sadly, the only things Pine-Sol® can’t wipe clean are your high school nightmares.

Tip #6: Clean the windows to your soul

Ok, so maybe they’re not the windows to your soul, but the soul of your home. Dilute a few drops of fresh Spring Blossom in a bucket of warm water, use a sponge to wipe dirt and debris from the window sills and panes. Then watch your house’s soul sparkle and yours sing.

Tip #7: No one is blind to the dirt on your blinds

The wooden blinds in your home may not seem to attract much dirt, but look closely and you’ll see specks of muck, caked-on dust and…do we see…flecks of glitter glue from an overzealous Valentine’s Day display? A nearly dry sponge with a couple of drops of all-purpose cleaner will wipe away the dirt, dust and glitter so that your blinds will look blindingly clean.

*Use as directed, Do not use on wood that is unfinished, unsealed unpainted. Waxed, oiled or worn.

Have you started spring cleaning?

About Pine-Sol®:

Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaners help you keep your entire house clean with a variety of fresh scents. This multi-surface cleaner cuts through the toughest stains, grease and grime. Pine-Sol® products are available nationally at Grocery, Discount, Drug, Dollar & Club retailers.

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  1. Ah spring cleaning. Seems like I start and stop at it. Maybe hoping it will magically happen on it’s own. I haven’t tried Pine-Sol Spring Blossom, but I will look for it.

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