Mooshu TRAINERS Squeaky Shoes

ready-set-bow-sandal-toddler-squeaky-shoes-pinkSummer is here – so that means sandal weather is here. CEO of Celebrity Baby Trends Rachel Urso introduced us to a new sandal that will have your little one bouncing with joy- literally.  Little ones with a silly sense of style will love these adorable sandals from Mooshu TRAINERS. All of Mooshu TRAINERS’ shoes have squeakers in the heel that make a squeak with every properly placed step. The squeakers encourage proper heel to toe walking and you’ll know where your child is at all times!

The Ready Set Bow Sandals combine the perfect mix of style and functionality. The bows on the shoes double as hair barrettes. Under the bow is a cute flower.

The Ready Set Bow Sandals also features adjustable toe straps, making it easier to secure just the right fit. We found that Mooshu TRAINERS do tend to run a size smaller compared to other shoes my niece owns, so you may want to order a size up.

Ready Set Bow Sandals are available in White, Lime, Pink, Silver Sparkle, Pink Sparkle, Hot Pink Sparkle, Teal and Teal Sparkle.

It only took my niece a minute to figure out that she could hear a squeak every time she stepped. She spent the next 20 minutes jumping up and down across her uncle’s living room. She loves them so much she will not quite jumping when wearing them. She calls them her bouncy shoes. We like “Ready Set Bow Sandals” because they are super cute and have soft flexible soles. We also find the sandals to be extremely lightweight,and like that they are water-repellent. And If you ever feel like you’d rather not hear a squeak with every one of your child’s many little steps or bounces, no worries, as the squeakers are removable. Be forewarned though that your child may get upset that you took away their squeak.

MooShu TRAINERS come in many different styles and are available in both boys and girls sizes from 3 to 9.

This Summer, put a hop, skip, and a squeak in your tot’s step with Mooshu TRAINERS.


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