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Perfect Craft Heart Box Keepsake Kit – Skullduggery

Perfect Craft Heart Box Keepsake Kit This upcoming holiday season why not give to a child the gift of hand-making. Skullduggery new award winning craft kits is the perfect craft kit that will foster imagination, conversation and creativity. The Perfect Craft Heart Box Keepsake Kit is one of four craft kits in the Perfect Craft line, which also includes the Alphabet Casting Kit, the Herb Garden Kit and the Flower Garden Kit.

Creative Child Magazine, a national monthly publication and website that provides parents with the latest information on how to nurture their child’s creativity has awarded the Alphabet Kit with the prestigious 2017 Product of the Year Award & the 2017 Creative Play Award, and the Heart Box Kit with the 2017 Preferred Choice Award and the 2017 Creative Play Award.

Each of the craft kits in the Perfect Craft Line contain everything required to make and complete a project. Therefore, kids can not only get started without any problems, they learn a new skill at a young age.


Perfect Craft Heart Box Keepsake Kit

PerfectCraft Craft Kits

The Perfect Craft Heart Box Keepsake Kit includes all the materials needed to make a heart-shaped box right from home. The package comes with a high quality 3-dimensional mold, paint, brush, decorative adhesive-backed felt and embellishments. Each kit includes enough casting material to create two keepsake heart boxes.

Perfect Craft Heart Box Keepsake Kit To get started open the bag of extra Perfect Cast and add 1/2 a cup of warm water. Mix for 3 mins. If you desire you can add a paint color of your choice and mix until color is achieved.

Next, pour the Perfect Cast casting mix into the two molds. Once the plaster has dried you are ready to pop it from the mold and paint. The plaster takes about an hour to dry. However, we found it was best once taken out of the mold to wait 24 hours before painting.

Before painting be sure to lightly sand your box, removing any sharp edges. While the set comes with paints, my daughter also used poster paint from OOLY to give the craft a shiny shimmer.

Though the craft is recommended for children eight years and older, my almost five year old daughter was able to complete the craft with some parent assistance. She required parental help and supervision to protect surfaces while mixing the plaster and pouring the plaster. To protect your table when making crafts such as this I highly recommend the Messmatz from PlaSmart.

After the first coat of paint has dried you may want to paint a second coat of paint, and allow that to dry completely before adding the embellishments and adhesive-backed felt to the inside of the heart.

In addition to making a heart trinket box, my daughter also made a heart ring dish and heart paperweight. Because the 3-dimensional mold is reusable, my daughter can use it again to make DIY gifts for the holidays. It may be too soon to count down the days until Valentine’s Day 2018. However, the Perfect Craft Heart Box Keepsake Kit would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift too.

Be sure to check out all four Perfect Craft kits at

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  1. This is really adorable. When my children were younger I use to get all kinds of kits like this and they could make and create and wrap up for Christmas presents.

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