Protecting Valuables While You Travel

Travel Theft Protection

Family vacations are a great experience. You can spend some much-needed family time with your loved ones, visit exciting new places, and learn amazing new things with your kids. Sadly the whole trip can be ruined if some of what you pack gets damaged, lost, or stolen while you’re on the road. Think about these strategies for avoiding catastrophes and protecting your valuables while you travel. You’ll save money, time, and the quality of your vacation.

Life Protection

Some of the bad things that can happen are just part of life. That includes everything from dropped phones to misplaced credit cards. While it’s helpful to be organized and keep your head on straight, there are some things that you just can’t help.

BodyGuardz CasesThe example of a dropped phone is the kind of thing we mean. When you’re juggling a hotel key, your toddler, and your phone, it’s tough to keep everything in hand. There’s always a chance that you’ll drop the phone. Be smart about it. Don’t say you’ll be careful or that you know you won’t drop the phone. BodyGuardz Cases can keep you from shattering the screen, or worse yet, ruining the phone altogether. It’s well worth the cost of a phone case to keep from destroying your phone while on vacation. Replacing it will be difficult or impossible when you’re on the road.

Keep something in your car, luggage, or another safe location with phone numbers for all your credit cards, insurance providers, and so forth. That way a lost or stolen purse can be quickly dealt with and your losses cut. That information is as essential as your other vacation necessities.

Theft Protection

travelThat’s also important if the card loss is not an accident. While you might drop your purse into the ocean while boarding your fishing yacht, you might also have it snatched off your shoulder while you’re somewhere safely ashore.

Thieves know vacation areas. They know that travelers often carry cash, cameras, and other valuables when they’re in town. And they know that many of them are distracted keeping up with kids, figuring out where they are, or otherwise managing their day. That makes them an easy target for an experienced thief.

Protect yourself. Be alert to your surroundings and the people nearby. Carry only what cash you’ll need each day and leave the rest in a hotel safe or locked in your car. Never carry automobile keys or anything identifying your lodging in your purse. Should you keep a reservation printout in the same place where your keys are, you will find yourself unable to get back to your hotel and will probably find nothing valuable in it when you do get a ride.

Elements Protection

travelIf you’re a southerner taking a trip to a ski resort, remember that things will be cold. Think about all the items you’ll bring along–your medications, electronics, and so forth. Think about where things are stored and carried.

For example, if you’re heading to the beach, transport your sunscreen out of the sun. Five or six hours up against a vehicle window will make it so hot that it will squirt out more like water than lotion.

Think about your rooftop luggage carrier. If you have bags on the roof, don’t store anything in them that shouldn’t freeze. Imagine how cold things will get at 70 miles per hour in a subfreezing climate! This can not only cause containers to freeze and burst, it can also interfere with the efficacy of medications and cosmetics.

Traveling is a great experience. But it can be ruined so quickly if you don’t protect some of the important things you take along. Leave things at home if you don’t need them. For those you do take, remember to put lots of thought into your packing. You’ll be glad you invested the time in protecting your valuables and your memories.


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