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Pencil Grips By the time children start kindergarten most have developed a correct or incorrect pencil grasp. There are many factors that affect a child’s ability to grasp a writing tool correctly. You may find that due to your child’s fine motor skill development they are unable to master the tripod grip. Developing a good pencil grip is important. It allows the fine movement necessary for writing. If your child is experiencing difficulty holding their pencil then they will benefit from the help of a pencil grip.

Designed by physicians, these colorful, soft rubber grips can also help small fingers hold a pencil correctly. The pencil grip fits over pencils, pens, crayons, and many other drawing and writing tools, including some sizes of brushes.

Children with ADHD, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, Autism, and general fine motor delay can benefit from using pencil grips. Pencil Grips are also perfect for adults with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or anyone who has suffered a stroke or brain injury. carries a wide selection of pencil grips to meet your child’s writing needs. Invented by Dr. Lois Provda, a prominent educational therapist, The Pencil Grip is the cornerstone for the entire line of innovative, Pencil Grip products.


This “Pencil Grip” is shaped with wings. These wings help to maintain the proper tripod, 3-finger, grasp by keeping the index finger and thumb from “crossing over. I found them to be extremely comfortable to use.


The Pinch Grip is perfect as a transition tool, providing more freedom as it gently guides the fingers into the proper position for gripping. Unlike other pencil grips, The Pinch Grip feels more natural.



The jumbo grip is perfect for those with larger hands. Designed like the original pencil grip, larger it is the only grip to provide extended comfort and support up to the second knuckle.


The Bumpy GripThe Bumpy Grip is soft and squishy like the original Pencil Grip. The 3 indentations help the fingers create a tripod grasp; the bumps on the indentations create a non-slip surface. The flexible material also doubles as a fidget for students with sensory needs. The bump grip fits both child and adult fingers. Having tried 5 different grips this is my 13 year old cousin’s favorite by far.CROSSOVER GRIP


The Ergo Stylus is our recommended stylus choice for students who would benefit from the use of a Pencil Grip when drawing or writing. The Ergo Stylus features the ergonomic grip recommended by doctors, teachers, and occupational therapists.

Compatible with all touch devices, this revolutionary stylus includes a patented grip design to develop a proper writing grip in Ergo Styluchildren while relieving hand discomfort and fatigue in adults. The Ergo Stylus has the familiar feel of The Pencil Grip. It can be used with either right or left hand. My aunt really loved the feel of the Ergo Stylus. She stated that it was better than any other brand of stylus she has used.

While I find Pencil grips to be helpful reminders, parents will need to motivate children to use the writing aid correctly until they can get use to how it feels.

Pencil grips are not just for kids, adults are finding pen grips provide comfortable writing to any pen or pencil.

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12 thoughts on “Handwriting Helpers & Pencil Grips Giveaway

  1. These look very cool so I know my kids would like them. I don’t really have any tips accept to encourage proper holding techniques

  2. my son had such a hard time in school holding the correct way his pencils.we practiced often,to no avail.teachers tired and tried.i had those regular rubber pencil grips and did not help.he is right handed and held his pencils/pens like he was left handed.he is now 34 years old and still holds incorrectly and has the worse penmanship ever.mabe these would have be willing to give it a try if your child is having a hard time with correctly holding their pencils

  3. This pencil grip made a huge difference in how my son holds his pencil and how he writes now. Can only recommend it!

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