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Lampe Berger Paris a Timeless Treasure

Can you believe that it is November already. Christmas will be here before we know it. Why not start the celebration by thinking about this year’s holiday decor. It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays, is it? It Add a touch of tradition,elegance and scent to your holiday decorations with Lampe Berger Paris fragrance lamps. Lampe Berger Paris fragrance lamps purifies the air in our home, destroys undesirable odours, at the same time diffuses long lasting fragrance.

LAMPE BERGER PARIS, more than 100 years of history…

Fragrance lamps have been around since the mid 1800s. The Lampe Berger was invented in 1898, by French pharmacist, Maurice Berger, to purify the air in hospitals and mortuaries. Although initially it was used only by the medical world for its antibacterial powers, the Lampe Berger Lamp later came to interest the greatest designers of the time. In the 1930’s the lamps became a collector’s items through association with top designers like Cristalleries de Saint Louis, Emile Gallé, Cristal de Baccarat and René Laliquel. Then in the 1950’s top porcelain producers like Coco Chanel and Jean Cocteau each had their own Lampe Berger.

How to use a Lampe Berger
  • Fill the lamp 2/3 full with Lampe Berger fragrance oil.
  • Insert the wick firmly into the lamp pressing down on the metal ring. If the wick is completely dry, let the lamp sit with the cap on for 20 minutes, so the wick can soak up the oil.
  • Light the Lampe Berger wick burner.  Let burn for 2 mins, and blow out the flame.
  • Place the vented cap onto the lamp. After 20 minutes carefully remove the vented cap (it may be hot) and place the solid cap on to stop the lamp.  It is important to note while the  vented cap is on the lamp, it will continue to burn through the oil. until you put the solid cap on.

Only use Lampe Berger oil in your lamp. Anything else can clog and damage your wick. It can also be a potential fire hazard.

Lampe Berger Paris Fall Collection 2016

Lampe Berger

Today, Lampe Berger is truly a multinational company with sales throughout the world and the undisputed leader in its field. While these fragrance lamps are no longer allowed in hospitals, they are a fixture in homes worldwide because of the delicate, but indulgent scent. Lampe Berger sells over 5 million liters of fragrances and over 800,000 lamps each year.  This holiday season the company offers a wide and coherent range to suit every style.

The new Lamp collection adds: Curve, Diamant, Pampille, as well as a Satin & Comète Pack. Both packs consist of a lamp Comète LAMPE BERGERand fragrance.

With Comète, Christmas will be magical and sophisticated. Designed by Rozenn Mainguené,  the bottle evokes a precious stone decorated with its ultra-shiny silver mounting and dressed in subtly shaded black lacquer. Delicate silver sequins are LAMPE BERGER scattered on the lamp’s shoulders. With its 180ml Gentle Almond fragrance, this is an ideal gift to enhance festive tables.

The Satin Pack comes with one lamp ( either satin red or matted white) and one bottle of Orange Cinnamon scent (180ml)– a really refreshing and earthy fall fragrance.

Lampe Berger

Each 16.9 oz. bottle gives you 80 ounce of fragrance. A wide variety of fragrances are available to enhance the experience and add a delightful scent to your home.

In Lampe Berger’s perfume collection, they’ve added Wild Berries and a Trio Pack, (Limited Edition) including the Wild Berries, Subtle Almond and Radiant Bergamot.

The wild berries fragrance has a slightly sweet undertone, with a nice musk- vanilla scent.

It’s never too early to begin holiday shopping. Lampe Berger oil lamps make great gifts. If you’re stuck on ideas for Christmas gifts this year why not gift a Lampe Berger Lamp‎ and a assortment of three trial 180ml LAMPE BERGER bottles:

The assortment consists of:

  • Radiant Bergamot: a zesty and refreshing fragrance.
  • Subtle Almond: a milky and creamy fragrance.
  • Wild Berries: a tangy and intense fragrance.


Lampe Berger Paris.

Discover how good your home can smell with Lampe Berger Paris.



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