AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell Review

AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell Purchasing a wireless doorbell is a great way to add some additional functionality to your home. A wireless doorbell has some advantages over a wired doorbell. Unlike a wired doorbell which requires proper wiring and installation, wireless doorbells require no wiring and are easy to install.  On my search for a wireless doorbell I came upon Avantek wireless doorbell Kit.  The Avantek wireless doorbell offers superior convenience, versatility, and performance. It’s has an outstanding, sleek design and is the perfect doorbell for elderly use.

Avantek wireless doorbell review ?

A huge selling point for the wife and I was that the Avantek wireless doorbell kit comes with not one, but two plug-in receivers.  Therefore, we are able to place one in our kitchen and one in the back office.

While the unit does state it is water resent, for some extra security I suggest placing a sheet of wax paper over the circuit board for extra protection.

Another nice features is that the doorbell has 4 volume settings, so I can turn the back office unit down to not disturb the wife if she is sleeping in.

I do like the convenience of not having to deal with batteries in the transmitter/remote controller part of the unit. Just simply plug it into an outlet. The doorbell does comes per-programmed with a number of tunes and doorbell chimes, including some Christmas ones for the holiday season, which is a nice touch.

Avantek wireless doorbell instructions

The Avantek wireless doorbell kit comes with everything you need to install the wireless doorbell. Installation is really quite simple. In fact, the installation process is so easy that it can be done without the help of the manual.

In the box you get:

2 Plug-in Wireless Receiver door chimes
1 Push button
A double sided-adhesive stick on
2 Philips screws

Simply pull open the wireless doorbell finger button. Next, apply the double sided-adhesive tap and stick it where you want it. Then Wireless doorbellopen the package containing the two Philips screws. Finally, install the screws, and snap the finger button back together.

Next plug-in your wireless doorbell chimer and the blue indicator light with shine a blue hue, next set the volume and the chime you want.

Now go to the wireless doorbell finger button controller and push it and you should hear your door chime. Now adjust it to your chime of choice. Then adjust your volume and you’re done.

I will update this review after a couple months of use to let you know how it is holding up to daily use.

If you are making the transition from a wired doorbell to a wireless one, why not check out AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell Kit.

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