NOVICA Woven Throw Blankets

This Christmas why not give her a little luxury that can be enjoyed year-round. Whether draped over her shoulders or on the arm of a sofa or at the foot of her bed, woven throw blankets are the easiest way to add warmth to any home. A woven throw can artistically turn simple chairs and tables into works of art. There’s nothing quite as welcoming as the touch of a woven throw blanket.

Novica, a website associated with National Geographic, has several beautiful throw blankets. When you shop with Novica, not only are you giving the special woman in your life a handcrafted gift, but you are helping support one of 2000 extraordinary master artists around the world providing for their family and sharing the gift of their talent. Each item at Novica is a true canvas!

Today’s Woman featured Artisan

About the artisan: Seema was born and grew up in Kashmir India. In the 1980’s she moved to Jammu with her Seemafamily. Upon graduation, she took a five year course in textile design. After completing her textile degree, Sheema worked as a designer for six years. After the birth of her 1st child, Seema decided to design a collection of apparel and home furnishings of her own. The response has been a positive one. Her designs mainly focus on embroidery work and the coordination of color and fabric.


Thick, luxurious fibers are woven together to create the warm comfort of this versatile throw blanket, presented by artist NOVICA Unique Woven Throw BlanketSeema. The throw features glowing earth tones of orange, brown, sepia, and olive, which gives the blanket as a whole a very pleasing effect. It will take you from fall to the holidays with its warm colors. It also serves as a wonderful conversation piece.

I found it to serve as a wonderful decorative accent that would look perfect in any room of my soon to be daughter n law and son’s home. The blanket is functional as well as pretty, offering cozy lightweight warmth on chilly spring days and just the right amount warmth when watching television on the couch during cold winter months. Sometimes a light throw will do the trick just fine. 

Surround yourself with the luxurious comfort of Indian Striped Throw Blanket, ‘Teal Kiss.’  Put in on your bed, easy chair or sofa and feel wrapped in airy softness. The gentle colors of this natural weave blanket will transport you somewhere  warm and relaxing on those cold winter nights. By Seema in India, this beautiful textile is an elegant accent in any setting.Indian Striped Throw Blanket,

Both blankets are dry clean only, and need to be laid flat to dry.

A throw blanket can be used anywhere and during any season.

Summer is a fun-filled time of year, with fireworks, pool parties, and family picnics. Durable, tightly woven, and bursting with color, woven blankets are perfect for bringing style to any picnic; they also provide just the right amount of warmth for night camping trips, and make the perfect travel blanket. Both of these blankets are perfect year around.

Throw blankets are also perfect for outdoor weddings. My son and soon to be daughter-n-law will be using both blankets during their Fall 2016 wedding.

Aside from the throws, Seema evokes classic Indian glamor in her embroidered photo frames, and cushion covers, both of which would make a wonderful gifts for her.

I would like to invite you to drop by Semma’s Novica page and check out her designs.



Rose DesRochers
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  1. Avatar

    These are very lovely. I like Novica and the work they do to bring beautiful things from the artists around the world.

  2. Avatar

    I love throw blankets and I use them constantly. These ones that Seema makes are really beautiful!

  3. Avatar

    This blanket is absolutely beautiful. I love how it gives you a lightweight warmth so you could use it all year instead of just the winter months.

  4. Avatar

    These are so beautiful and would come in handy during our frigid winters.

  5. Avatar

    I love these throw blankets, the colors are beautiful and these would make perfect gift for my family.

  6. Avatar

    I like that you describe how durable the blankets are for an outdoor picnic. Are those woven throw blankets thick enough so that if the grass is wet it will not seep through the blanket? Congratulations on your son and daughter-in-law’s wedding next Fall.

  7. Avatar

    i need to get this. i am looking for cute throw blankets.

  8. Avatar

    I love woven blankets.

  9. Avatar

    This blanket is absolutely beautiful! I adore it and need several to go in my house and to give as presents for Christmas! I love a good blanket 🙂

  10. Avatar

    Re: throw blankets — I like her sense of color and the texture of her woven throws. Beautiful.

  11. Avatar

    The Throws are gorgeous, I would love one in my home.

  12. Avatar

    Those look very warm. 🙂

  13. Avatar

    Wow! These are beautiful! They look so comfy and warm and I especially like the rust, grey and white colour featured at the top of the page.

  14. Avatar

    These are beautiful and I Love they are hand made. I have ordered from Novica 4 times now and haven’t been disappointed in the quality.

  15. Avatar

    oh this looks great,,would love one in my home!!

  16. Avatar

    These blankets are beautiful!!

  17. Avatar

    I love throw blankets, and these look really nice!

  18. Avatar

    These blankets are absolutely beautiful!!

  19. Avatar

    i am beginning to really like throws. I have few, all were received as gifts. I absolutely like these and am looking at their selection as a possible purchase now.

  20. Avatar

    Gorgeous throw! I just checked it out and it is a great price too!

  21. Avatar

    @Tina Barker: correction: Seema

  22. Avatar

    I checked out Semma’s Novica Page and the Joyous Amethyst throw blanket is absolutely gorgeous! I’m loving the cushion covers, as well!

  23. Avatar

    The blankets are truly a work of art and would enhance any decor in various rooms in the home.

  24. Avatar

    Very beautiful! i love the comfort of a throw blanket, and these are incredible.

  25. Avatar

    I love how personal a blanket can become!

  26. Avatar

    These blankets are beautiful! I love the one in the very first photo. Such fun colors!

  27. Avatar

    Seema’s designs are beautiful works of art. I love the Joyous AmethystStriped Throw Blanket. Simply gorgeous!

  28. Avatar

    This would be awesome in the fall sitting out on our back deck.

  29. Avatar

    Years ago when I was in high school I learned to weave on a loom and I made a few rugs and I loved the whole process of doing it. Of course mine didn’t look as nice as Semmas.

  30. Avatar

    i like the simple look of a few of these blankets, which is deceptive because this takes some considerable skill.

  31. Avatar

    My husband would love something like this. He is cold a lot and when we sit on our son’s deck hubby gets cold so this would be ideal to bring with us.

  32. Avatar

    Incredibly beautiful! I love a throw blanket to cuddle up under and they also decorate a room . These will definitely do both.


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