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Thermometer reviews- Wellvii Temp

thermometerThe winter flu season has not yet arrived, but illness has already become a common occurrence in our household. Preschools are known for being breeding grounds for germs! All it takes is for one child to bring a virus to school for it to spread like wildfire. My daughter started school just last month and has already had strep throat, and is now dealing with a viral infection.

An accurate thermometer is a crucial tool for parents to have in their first-aid kit. With so many different types of thermometers available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Hopefully, these thermometer reviews will assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing one.

Fortunately, a very cooperative sick two-year-old agreed to be the test subject for my thermometer evaluations, including rectal thermometers.

If you have ever attempted to use an oral thermometer on a young child, you understand the challenges that come with it.

I used to rely on an ear thermometer, but recent research has raised concerns about their accuracy. Factors such as earwax or a small, curved ear canal can impact the temperature readings of an ear thermometer.

The Vicks digital thermometer offers all the features you need in a rectal thermometer. With a 30-second temperature readout and an audible beep when it reaches the maximum temperature, it provides accurate and efficient readings. Despite its affordable price, it includes essential accessories found in more expensive models, such as memory recall, automatic shut-off, and a convenient light-up display. Moreover, you can use it with confidence, as it is easy to clean and comes with a protective lid to keep the probe hygienic and intact for future use. Remember, for infants under two to three months of age, a rectal thermometer is recommended for accurate temperature measurement.

If you are unable to bring yourself to use a rectal thermometer, if your child is capable of using a different type of thermometer reliably, or if you prefer not to disturb a sick sleeping child, there are alternative options available. Wellvii is revolutionizing temperature measurement with their non-touch digital thermometer, the Wellvii Temp. By simply pressing a button, I can quickly and effortlessly scan my daughter’s forehead. To use it, you just need to hold the thermometer 2 inches away from your sleeping child’s forehead, aim, and click until the indicator light turns green. The temperature reading is displayed almost instantly. To verify its accuracy, I compared the reading with a rectal thermometer, and the Wellvii Temp proved to be precise.

The LCD screen, with a back-light for night time usage, makes it easier to read the readings without turning on a light- waking your sick child.

As it is a no-contact thermometer it can be used for more than one family member without the need of using disinfectant.

And… The worst baby thermometers

Regrettably, there are some baby thermometers that are extremely poor in quality. For instance, stick on thermometers are designed to be placed on your child’s forehead to monitor their temperature, but they are not reliable. You can refer to my review titled “Fever Temperature Indicators” for more information on this. Additionally, pacifier thermometers are rarely effective and not recommended by me. Moreover, they become useless once your child outgrows the pacifier. It is important to note that mercury thermometers are no longer considered safe, especially for children. If you happen to still possess one from your own childhood, it is necessary to dispose of it at a household hazardous waste collection facility. May I inquire about your preferred type of thermometer?


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