What women really want on Valentines Day

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It’s no secret that some of us love Valentine’s Day, while others view it simply as a money making holiday. Love it or hate it, Diamond Pendant in the "Hint Like You Mean It" sweepstakes.Valentine’s Day is one of the most hyped and romantic days of the year.   And it is important to most women — myself included — that our significant other “show us their love” by way of a gift on this traditional day.

Getting the wrong gift, or forgetting the day entirely,  will have you in the dog house. If you are like my son, you may already be well ahead of the crowd and have a great gift picked out. Alternatively, you may be in need of some inspiration and that is where Helzberg Diamonds and Today’s Woman comes in.

If taking her out for dinner, make reservations. Don’t just take her out for fast food and pretend that is what you had in mind all along.

When shopping for Valentine’s Day be sure to put a little thought into your gift , or she may be talking about that odd Valentine’s Gift she received for years to come.  Avoid buying anything overly practical, (like a new sets of pots and pans), and definitely don’t buy her exercise equipment or a membership to Good-life Fitness, unless you want to break up.

One year for Valentine’s Day, my daughter received a frying pan from the man she was dating. While I have never personally Frying pan funnyreceived a just ‘off’ Valentine’s Day gift, I did receive a Christmas gift that I have never let my husband live down.

It was 26 years ago. My husband and I had only been dating three weeks, when Christmas came around. With child-like anticipation I opened my gift, to find a coffee maker. Apparently he bought me the coffee maker, because I couldn’t make a cup of instant coffee. To this day I remind him of that gift, despite he has never bought me an odd gift sense, and he never forgets a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

To really avoid the crowds on Valentine’s Day, it can help to think outside the box and order her a gift online. While you are gift shopping, do not miss out on the chance to win either a $1,000 Helzberg Diamonds gift card or a 14 carat white gold STARRA diamond pendant (retail value $549.99).

Ladies here is your chance to drop hints. Ladies, grab your husbands (or leave the sweepstakes entry page up on his laptop screen) so he is sure to enter, or you can just take matters into your own hands and enter yourself.

Simply visit Helzberg.com/sweeps to enter or you can complete an official entry form at any Helzberg Diamonds retail store.

The sweepstakes runs from January 20 to Valentine’s Day, so as you navigate the gift-giving waters this season of love — let Helzberg lend a hand with #HelzbergHints.

Besides the sweepstakes (did we mention a $1,000 gift card?!), you also may be surprised with a little bling by sharing how you hint for what you’d really like this Valentine’s Day using #HelzbergHints on Instagram or Twitter.

To enter, you must (a) be 18 years of age or older, (b) be a legal resident of the United States and one of its fifty states or the District of Columbia.  Additional rules can be found at helzberg.com/sweeps.

What is the worst gift you have ever received for Valentine’s Day? How do you graciously leave hints as to what you want for Valentine’s Day?

I admit, I am not very gracious. I told my husband if he planned to buy me roses this year for Valentine’s Day- not too. I told him I would much rather have a mixed bouquet and some chocolate. I also told him where he could purchase a copy of dirty dancing on Blu Ray and that I wanted Chinese food for dinner.

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  1. Haha I got a can opener! Honestly most thoughtful gift ever, mine was almost completely busted and fought with it every morning making my kids lunches for school… Showed me how much he actually paid attention

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