360fly Panoramic Waterproof HD Sports Camera Review

Santa came early this year. He brought me a 360fly Panoramic Waterproof HD Sports Camera that does just about everything, but fly on its own. I mean just that — this camera is incredible and it comes with so many features and options I just 360fly Panoramic Waterproof HD Sports Cameradon’t know where to begin telling you about it.

The 360Fly is more than just a camera; it’s a full HD Camera / Video Camera. You can capture videos in full HD and in panoramic view up to a full 360 degrees, allowing you to catch everything and miss nothing. Its spherical lens is positioned atop the ball and it can record everything and anything around it. Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? Now you can be!

The 360fly looks nothing like your typical action camera, which are mostly cubed. This camera slightly resembles a house security camera. It’s portable and easy to set up and even compatible with existing GoPro mounts.

It is great to take with you on road trips, vacation, and mountain biking, or even snowboarding as its light weight 138g and very compact, but extremely sturdy. The 360Fly comes with a standard tripod-compatible mount, but it can be used as a handheld camera and is capable of attaching to helmet mounts, so you can unleash your creativity and capture video from nearly any 360fly angle.

The ruggedness of the 360fly is next to none. as its resistant to sweat, rain, liquid, sand and dust, giving your camera 360 degrees of protection for any activity or situation. It’s also water proof up to 165 meters.

Unlike other cameras that are packed with multiple buttons, the 360fly has only one. You long press it and it turns on (or off) and you press it once to start recording. It also has an LED light that blinks to indicate if it’s on, recording or on pairing mode. Apart from this you control the camera from an iOS or Android device, which acts as a viewfinder and lets you preview the videos you’ve captured.

What happens if you are out of view? Not to worry as the 360Fly also has that covered by adding a vibration motor to let you know when you are out of view. If you are using your 360Fly in a mounted position while recording you can use your Mobile 360fly Cameradevice to control all the functions of your 360Fly by start recording, pause recording or zoom.

A built-in microphone lets you capture AAC audio, so you can relive the sights and sounds of all your adventures

360Fly’s storage is pretty good too, as you get 32 gigs of internal storage which is approximately 4.5 hours of 1080p high quality video.

The 360Fly Built-in Li-Polymer battery holds a charge for 2.5 hours. I got closer to 3 hours of battery life. The 360Fly is rechargeable by setting it on its cradle and using the 2.0 USB cable that’s included. It takes approximately 2 hours for a full charge.

The video is sharp and clear with great color and contrast.

The 360Fly APP also comes equipped with editing software, so you can trim cut or view it in full 360 degrees all with a touch of 360flyyour finger, making the 360Fly Panoramic 360 degrees HD Video Camera extremely easy to use. The 360Fly APP allows you to quickly edit, and share seamlessly with your favorite social networks. With a few clicks and swipes, your sharing your video instantly.

The 360Fly supports both Apple iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+ mobile devices; but it also supports PC Software for Windows 10 or 7 and Mac users OS X, and up! The nice part about the 360Fly’s design is you can run multiple cameras at once and manage them all with your mobile device without connecting them to your PC.

360Fly Panoramic 360 degrees HD Video Camera, also has built in WI-FI with the latest standards in Wi-Fi technology using 360fly CameraIEEE 802.11 b/g/n with a (2.4GHz broadband signal). It’s also listed as a Bluetooth Smart Device as well.

Overall, the 360 is pretty impressive; it has a decent price and a fantastic design.

Next year, I think I will ask Santa for a DRONE to maybe mount this baby to.

What’s in the Box?

  • Rechargeable Internal Lithium Battery
  • Power Cradle
  • USB Cable
  • Action Camera Adapter
  • Tilt Mount With Curved & Flat Baseplates
  • Mic Plug & Strap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card & Safety Information

The 360fly costs $599 and it’s exclusively available at BestBuy — in store and online.

About Best Buy

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY), Best Buy Canada Ltd. is one of Canada’s largest and most BestBuysuccessful omni-channel retailers, operating the Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile and Geek Squad (www.geeksquad.ca) brands. With nearly 200 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores across Canada, and an expanded assortment of lifestyle products offered through BestBuy.ca, Best Buy is a leader in Total Retail, catering to customers how, when, and where they want to shop. Best Buy Canada is committed to making a positive impact in the community with programs and partnerships that support youth to connect with technology to advance their education. For more information visit BestBuy.ca.

About 360fly

360fly creates unique, 360-degree digital products that inspire users to capture, share and experience life’s greatest moments in 360 degrees. Our passion has led us to redefine video capture, because we believe life is too rich to capture just part of it. To learn more about 360fly, visit www.360fly.com

360fly Camera Giveaway

In partnership with Best Buy Canada,  Today’s Woman, @DezJake on Instagram and myself at BloggingFusion Blog Directory we are giving you faithful Canadian reader the chance to win your very own 360fly. Keep it for yourself or give it away as a gift.

You can get the 360fly exclusively through Best Buy for ($529.99.)

BestBuy 360fly Sports Camera Giveaway

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222 thoughts on “360fly Panoramic Waterproof HD Sports Camera Review

  1. This is one amazing camera. My son, who is into many different sports etc would love this to capture his passions on film.

  2. I like the idea how you can make 360 videos, if you are on a trip and someone can just watch the video from you

  3. I think it’s an amazing little device and would make a great Christmas gift for someone I know. 🙂

  4. I think this is an awesome product! My teenage son would love it to record many of his adventures, and it would also be an excellent addition to our travels and family vacations. Capturing a panoramic view of Sedona would be great! I am having problems with the entry button, so hope this will work., I also love that is has such great storage capabilities, and also that it works with so many systems!

  5. Hi there! I think there is a problem with your Mandatory Entry link. When I click it, it says Page Not Found, so I am not sure if my entries would count.

  6. This product looks amazing. I have a feeling most personal sport camera’s will be heading in this direction.

  7. It sounds like a fantastic camera, it seems like it would be able to take a bump or two & still take wonderful photos! I love that it is splash friendly & can work in the cold as well!

  8. The 360fly would be so awesome to own; I could literally capture everything around me….how cool is that!

  9. I think this camera is amazing! Talk about capturing every detail! It’s a great way to re-live wonderful memories through picture & video. Also love the battery life, and WiFi feature.

  10. It seems like a great camera for an active person! I can use it for snowboarding, sky diving and Hiking. I love ease of use of one button and the software that comes with the camera for editing.

  11. What a great camera – rugged, go anywhere, withstand the elements & just one button to worry about. This is the camera for life’s adventures!

  12. I love that you can share and experience life’s greatest moments in 360 degrees, how cool is that!

  13. I love how you can just shoot and edit your pics from mobile to social networks that is a awesome feature and the 360 is cool when i am bike riding along the nature trails.
    My husband and i are ^planning a trip this summer to P.E.I to celebrate our 20 years of marriage this would be awesome to be able to take beautiful pictures instead of my ell phone camera if i were to win this I would be ever so grateful and I am sure my friends would be envious and would want to buy one for themselves I am sure of that.
    Thank you for this amazing chance fingers crossed

  14. This is the ultimate camera! So many features and yet looks very easy to use. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. I think it’s incredible. It seems to have a really long battery life. Also I’m loving that it’s sweat, rain, liquid, sand, dust resistant.

  16. I like that it is waterproof and has a Rechargeable Internal Lithium Battery. My grandson would love this camera.

  17. I would love to win this camera to give to my daughter who takes a lot of trips and does hiking on them. I like that is has wi-fi and is waterproof.

  18. this looks like a lot of fun to use! my daughter is 14 and loves photography and making movies — she would be thrilled with this little gadget!!

  19. I would love this camera, I love photography especially while biking or skiiing, this looks awesome, thanks for sharing and the review

  20. I am intrigued by this camera. I love taking pictures while I am on vacation but I am always concerned about carrying my manual camera with me when we go on excursions. This camera would be perfect for capturing all the action!

  21. I would use this by putting it on my son in laws helmet so he could take movies of the kids for me when they are skiing.

  22. This would be great for my son in law to make movies of my grandchildren when they are skiing. Light and user friendly.

  23. I think it would be wonderful for my backpacking trips. I’ve been wanting something like this.

  24. I love my photography but there are times that my camera can be cumbersome. This offers portability and I like the resolution, and the stable factor. This has so much to offer, and the fact this is something I can easily carry in my purse.

  25. i would actually buy this product instead of the gopro. better features in my opinion and less bulky

  26. I think this is an amazing camera! I love the 360 degree panning, and I know my son would be over the moon to have something like this! Thanks for the chance.

  27. This would be a great gift for my outgoing son who loves experiencing new adventures. To capture on camera would be awesome!

  28. I think the 360fly Camera is awesome; love that it will give me a 360 degree view of all my activities including when I snowboard.

  29. The first videos on YouTube I’ve seen shot by the 360fly are pretty awesome. The picture quality and flexibility is high.

  30. I think this would be fun for going swimming and camping!! esp when my son keeps breaking his bike wheels when we camp!!

  31. I think that the camera is totally awesome. It can record everything and miss nothing. I would love one

  32. I absolutely love this camera – I KNOW this would be the prefect gift for any tech lover including myself!

  33. This would be so fun to use, especially for my hubby with his outdoor activities–dirt-biking, snow-mobiling, skiing, snowboarding.

  34. I think it would be nice to take when we go on trails ans when we see water falls as you can record from anywhere. Nice and compact and you can attach while on the go

  35. This would be so perfect for my oldest son. He bikes and would strap it to his bike to take video of all of his adventures!

  36. I think it’s really nice. I would love it as i don’t currently own a camera and the one on my phone is not very good.

  37. I need this! I’m so tired of having my camera in a double zip lock bag while kayaking…and carefully taking it out to take a picture! I’ve missed so many shots that way! Love thatthis is waterproof – and great quality.

  38. Freaking awesome! I would love to take this white water rafting and into the back country of the rockies, so cool, love it!!

  39. I’d like to try the 360Fly on my bike ride through my favourite park. At $599, its too steep a price point for me. A 170 degree gopro-like camera can be had for a fraction..

  40. I think the 360fly is incredible! And waterproof – simply fabulous! My guy is an outdoorsman and he would use this all the time! 😉

  41. I think it’s just what I have been looking for, for my nature walks. Brilliant, Beautiful and Easy to use !! Thank you 🙂

  42. I think the 360fly is just what I have been looking for.Brilliant, Beautiful and Easy to use on our nature walks. Thank you !!

  43. Not sure how I forgot to comment:) Thanks for the reminder! I love the fact it comes with an editing software and that it’s waterproof.

  44. The 360fly would be perfect for anyone that love to be outdoors a lot. Waterproof is great but also looks very rugged.

  45. This looks like a super camera!! I love how it has a built in battery and that it supports both Apple iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+ mobile devices!!

  46. A dream! I am blown away with the amazing features of 360fly Panoramic HD Sports Camera from Best Buy.

  47. the camera would be so perfect for our hiking and camping trips, we live amongst the mountains and the views using this camera would be spectacular!

  48. I’d love to take this camera on my adventures with me so I can remember every moment! This camera takes incredible shots.

  49. I cant think of anything this camera doesnt have – love that it is both android and apple compatible!

  50. I love your review of the 360fly Panoramic Waterproof HD Sports Camera. I think it takes amazing videos and I think it would be amazing to use especially on vacations.

  51. I think it’s great! It seems very easy to use and convenient and love that can do panoramic view.

  52. YES YES YES this would be so wonderful to document my first Miracle Grandbaby’s Life….my only son was told they could have NO children but yet they had Mason weighing only 2Ibs and born on Christmas Eve…..I don’t want to miss documenting all the precious moments of his life……Thank You Debbie

  53. Finally a camera that can take the action for water sports! Rugged and waterproof; so awesome! It would be so much fun to use!!

  54. The 360Fly would be AMAZING to use when going on road trips, hiking, or anything for that matter. I would be honored to own one because I love creating short films and photography. Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

  55. This looks like a super camera!! I love how it has a built in battery and that it supports both Apple iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+ mobile devices!! 🙂

  56. This 360Fly looks amazing, we go away every year and I could take a lot of great pictures . It’s waterproof, small, interactive and virtual reality viewing capabilities.

  57. I love that the 360Fly comes with a standard tripod-compatible mount, but it can be used as a handheld camera and is capable of attaching to helmet mounts

  58. I would use this game-changing 360° camera for all photo taking in our family. It has a lot of features we need, waterproof is great when dealing with kids, and I like that it is panoramic, and can take videos with sound, and photos, and has 32 gigs of storage to take lots of pics and videos without worrying of running out of space!

  59. I like the 360fly from Bestbuy, it’s so versatile, it’s a panoramic waterproof HD camera that has a lot of storage, it has 32 gigs of internal storage which allows 4.5 hours of 1080p high quality video! My family could use this amazing camera for all of our photo and video needs.

  60. I love the 360fly Panoramic 360-degree HD and what it offers! My daughter’s go pro no longer works and I would love to give this to her for all her sport and filming she does. I love that fact that you get a great panoramic view, has built in WiFi and blue tooth… The list of features goes on, all I can say is it’s awesome and would love to win one of these!

  61. I think the 360fly from BestBuy is amazing, it’s a panoramic full HD sports camera that also takes videos, has a built in microphone, and is waterproof.

  62. What do I think of the 360fly, not much except to say I WANT ONE! What an awesome camera with all of the features listed.

  63. I like that the camera is waterproof so will be able to take under water videos at the pool with the kids.

  64. I think that 360 panoramic viewing is better than anything else out there. It’s rugged design is waterproof and resistant to dust and sweat makes it perfect for shooting sports and more.

  65. This looks to be an amazing little camera. I am impressed with the 360fly, and can foresee using it often when travelling or just out of doors.

  66. I love the 360fly Panoramic 360-degree HD and what it offers! My daughter’s go pro no longer works and I would love to give this to her for all her sport and filming she does. I love that fact that you get a great panoramic view, has built in WiFi and blue tooth… The list of features goes on, all I can say is it’s awesome and would love to win one of these!

  67. I’d really use the 360 for cross country skiing. Sometimes I’m concentrating more on staying upright than on the scenery.

  68. I would love to use this with the grandkids for all their outdoor activities so I would be able to look back and see the giggles!

  69. I really like that you can capture videos in full HD and in panoramic view up to a full 360 degrees. This way I don’t miss anything when my grandkids are skiing or just playing!. Another great feature is that it has a spherical lens is positioned atop the ball and it can record everything the little ones are doing and saying!

  70. I would use on our trips to Disney World. The amazing pictures I could get of the Cinderella’s Castle

  71. This would be an amazing addition to my husband’s camera bag. He would love the fun & flexibility of the 360Fly.

  72. I would mount this beautiful camera on my boyfriends bike or his helmet so he can capture the stunning views that he sees while out riding on his Sport Bike. He would be in heaven with his new toy! 🙂

  73. This camera looks really awesome! The quality looks insanely good from the video! 🙂 I love that the 360fly is capable of attaching to helmet mounts. My boyfriend would absolutely LOVE using this camera whiles he’s out riding his bike.

  74. Love that it is HD and can resist life (sweat, dust, water) and is also waterproof. Can capture panoramic view in 360 which I love. With just one button this is easy to use for me.

  75. I think it would be fun on snorkling trips. Its great that it works with many operating platforms

  76. From what I can see it takes incredible shots. I would love to have something like this for Snowboarding I used a GoPro Hero2 but the quality of 360 looks like so much more potential. Would Love to have one of these. Awesome contest Idea.

  77. The features on the fly360 are awesome! I like the editing capability and battery life! I would use for a camera and video.

  78. The 360fly looks great. I really like that it has the ability to tell you when you are out of frame, great idea!

  79. I’m going to Jamaica in Jan. and this video camera would be great to capture the wedding and the kids playing in the pool.

  80. This is exactly what I need! I would love to take this on all my adventures!
    (Sorry had to comment a second time as the first time was the wrong username) 🙂

  81. I think this camera looks amazing and would be great to film my son skateboarding & snowboarding. It’s light and & easily attaches to helmet etc.

  82. I find the technology amazing, s0 sleek being able to edit on my phone is cool! I would use it for adventures!

  83. This camera looks perfect for our family and our active grandchildren and our three new grandbabies. Thanks!

  84. If it were not for your comment that it has only one button I would have anticipated it to be user-challenging. Great review.

  85. I would use the 360fly for all outdoor activities, I would love to use it while quading and we go to Banff and Jasper a lot and would use it there for sure.

  86. This 360Fly is amazing! IT’s waterproof, small, interactive and virtual reality viewing capabilities. I love it and thank you for this amazing giveaway.

  87. I think its great , If I won I would give my son so he can use it skateboarding or riding his bike , I’m sure he would use it a lot and have fun taking pics

  88. Great review. The capabilities of this small camera are amazing. I love that it charges in two hours, and the fact that the editing is so easy is an added bonus. The fact that there is only one button is the top selling feature for me. I spend far too much time as it is fiddling around with buttons.

  89. Well I think this is really cool and I think it would be lots of fun boating and tubing too. Our family would have a blast with this!

  90. I Will use it whent i go atv end do some bike on the mondain
    It Will be so cool on my elmet ?
    Happy holyday

  91. This is quite the camera, love the one button feature & it lets you know if you are out of view

  92. Wow this sounds so awesome! Would love to try this and see what cool pics and vids it captures.

  93. i attend alot of my grandkids sports.i have 5 of them.however would also use on vacation

  94. this camera sounds interesting from the panoramic 360 view to the editing software. my favorite is that it only has one button.

  95. I think this would be the most fun thing in my backpack! Easy to use and help capture the best photos.

  96. I could see this being a cool addition to an aspiring Youtuber or perhaps an adventure type vlogger. Lots is neat options especially with the blu tooth capacity

  97. This camera is the future. If I had the 360Fly, I would make amazing short films with friends and share my art with the world!

  98. I love that this camera has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth that will let you control, edit, playback, and share the footage through the app and your compatible mobile device. I sure could get some great videos of our grandchildren while they are stll young. Thanks for the chance.

  99. this is great to have..I would use it on our next kayaking adventure, I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting wet..loads of fun

  100. My boys are super active. I am a stay-at-home mom and I would use this for everything from them riding their bikes to our beach adventures! I love it!

  101. I really like the idea of the 360 panoramic capture. Opens up a whole world of photo possibilities.

  102. This is awesome. With my new hobby of 3D animation, Modeling and Video Effects, this would come in handy.

  103. wow this would the kind of camera my son would love, compared to the go pro I think this would be way better

  104. The 360fly camera is nothing short of amazing. It has everything you would want..you can edit quickly, its waterproof, you can trim cut or view it in full 360 degrees, has a built in microphone and many more features, too numerous to mention. Who wouldn’t want this..I sure do 🙂

  105. I like how the 360Fly Panoramic has 360 degrees HD Video Camera, also has built in WI-FI

  106. Wow! !This would be so much fun-would use the 360fly to capture the deer eating the plants in my gardens.

  107. So amazing! . Love the Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth , and that you can edit, playback, and share the footage through the app. thank you for the giveaway!

  108. the 360fly from BestBuy looks like the perfect Camera to Capture all the special Holiday Moments!

  109. We’ve had three new grandbabies born since March so we are taking lots and lot of pics and videos of them!! This camera would be awesome to have to take photos and more of the babies. I love that this camera is standard tripod-compatible!

  110. Looks like an amazing camera, best feature the fact it can take pics from all 360 degree angles. Pics look clear and bright too!

  111. I think this camera takes incredible shots. I can’t even imagine what kind of pictures/videos this camera can do on an epic adventure outdoor. So amazing!

  112. I would use the 360fly for so many things. Wildlife photography. Awesome and amazing product videos that I can share instantly in social media. It’s simply amazing the technology.

  113. I love the 360fly. The fact that it takes a panoramic view is simply awesome. While it is great for the avid sportsman who ski’s and the like, I would love to have it with me while hunting and hiking. It would be awesome to see the unseen. So much wildlife that the eye just cannot see. It would be awesome to get some amazing shots.

  114. What’s not to love about this beautiful thing!!! OMG I love the 360 panoramic shooting, waterproof.. there is nowhere this baby can’t be taken!! What an amazing giveaway, thank you for the chance to win one!! Merry Christmas!

  115. This 360Fly looks amazing!! I wonder if this is what’s used for all the cool 360 videos I keeping seeing online!

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