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Cube Digital Photo Viewer for Instagram


Cube Digital Photo Viewer Instagram has become one of the rising stars of social media. My 21 year old son is highly addicted. He may not have 27 million followers on Instagram; then again he isn’t an American television and social media personality, with a booty-baring selfie. Nonetheless, with diligent effort he has reached 800 followers, which isn’t bad for an Ottawa university student who loves taking photos. While home this pass Christmas, my son went on and on about his love of Instagram. When I gave him the opportunity to take it off his phone and into his apartment, he was ecstatic. Now, he can passively view his Instagram feeds from any room in his home with the Cube Digital Photo Viewer .

The Cube Digital Photo Viewer is a square digital picture frame that connects to the Internet and is shaped like the Instagram logo. Cube™ speaks to the enormous popularity of Instagram by allowing my son to enlarge his Instagram photos from the smaller confines of a smart device. Because the #Cube™ is lightweight, and portable, he can take his photos with him on the go.

The cube has three buttons on the top; a power button to power it on and off, a grid to access the different functions, and a heart to like pictures on his feed! The cube is constantly updating so images will display as they happen in real-time.


Depending on what feed he chooses, he’ll see a rotating display of his own photos, the photos of the people he follows (like his girlfriend) or images from the “popular” feed. He can also run the feed of a specific user or a hashtag. He can give his friends a specific hashtag and every picture they post in Instagram using that hashtag will then show up seamlessly. Isn’t that the coolest thing? When viewing pictures, he can easily pinch for a 4×4 image tile view or swipe to view the back of the photo for extra content.

The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery lasts up to 4 hours. He just plugs it in with the included USB cord to charge it.

With an extremely simple, user-friendly interface, the cube is the next best thing in photo viewing. We found the Cube to have great picture quality and the colors were sharp and vibrant.

Cube Digital Photo Viewer

Among the appealing features of #Cube™ are:

• A large 8” square LCD touch screen display, giving the retro-inspired #Cube™ a modern touch.
• Real-time and instant continuous delivery of a stream of photos and video clips, enabling users to enjoy and display real-time social network images from friends, family, and favourite celebrities.
• Rechargeable and built-in Wi-Fi, as well as free wireless software updates that enable new features & application support.

Now my son can go to sleep with pictures of stars, the moon or his girlfriend displaying on his bedside end-table.

For $149 you can get a Cube™ in white, black, or classic.

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