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Uplifting Nighties Summer Sleepwear Line


summer sleepwearSculpted into a sultry silhouette of a signature modal blend,  take it from me, you’ll want to live in this little number all summer long! Pajamas are no longer just for sleeping in. I in fact live in mine when I can, be it I want to putter around the house, or just sit back and enjoy a pajama day; a pair of pajamas is my go-to outfit. For me, my perfect pair of pajamas is soft, cozy, and comforting. My perfect pajamas are summer sleepwear from “Uplifting Nighties.”

Each nightie is made from a 94% modal,6% spandex blend!  Modal is a type of organic fiber developed by the Lenzing Group in Australia. It is made from cellulose, usually derived from wood pulp. It has a soft, slinky texture, making it comfortable to wear. The fabric is sometimes referred to as ‘artificial silk’.  Because the fabric is stretchy, it adds to the comfort. Have I mentioned that this nightwear from “Uplifting Nighties” are unbelievably comfortable?

Modal Fabric is also more absorbent than cotton, so my nightgown never feels sweaty and sticky.  I found the smooth modal fabric to be extremely breathable and incredibly lightweight.

If you are a wicking sleepwear groupie – also known as a woman in your 40s or older suffering from hormone-triggered mood swings, sleepless nights, and hot flashes then this Summer sleepwear might just save your sanity. I of course don’t know anyone like that.  Yeah right! Who am I kidding? While not marketed as menopause nightwear,  “Uplifting Nighties” sleepwear works at keeping you cool when the night sweats take a front seat.


Model fabric is also colorfast, which means it doesn’t fade after wearing and washing, therefore my Uplifting Nighties nightgown still looks new despite several washes.  I did mention that this was my favorite sleepwear. Compared to cotton, modal works well at keeping its shape and size too. I haven’t experienced any shrinkage even after placing it in the dryer several times.

I am 5″7 and the “long knot cocktail nightie”  hits just above my ankle.

Women come in all shapes and sizes; now if only clothes did.  Comfort and style are Uplifting Nightie’s main focus.  Uplifting Nighties has a little something for every woman’s body type.  If your preference is long, or short, or if you like pj’s, they’ve got you covered.

As a plus size woman who is rather large on top I have found it very difficult to find supportive and comfortable lounge/sleepwear, that was until I was introduced to “Uplifting Nighties.”  The “long knot nightie”  and “cocktail nighty” both have a fully lined built-in shelf bra.

A shelf bra is basically a soft, unformed, interior pouch with an elastic band at the base that offers light support, and lift. In fact, each piece in the Uplifting Nighties collection, available online, is designed with a shelf bra. The shelf bra is genius! It really helps give added support where it’s needed most if you know what I mean!

The built-in shelf bra also provides practicality. It is perfect for mothers who might be looking for Nursing Pajamas.  Another great feature is the adjustable straps, which allow you to fit the nightie specifically to your body, elevating the level of comfort.

The stylish cut of both nighties shapes my figure perfectly, making it ideal for sleep or just relaxing around the house. The short cocktail is fitted through the bodice with draping at the bust.

Lingerie-styled pajamas are normally designed towards the fashion end of pajamas and do not normally rate high in the comfort department. I have to admit the Long Knot cocktail nightie and cocktail nighty are both a bit playful, even seductive if you will. Love the flattering cut on both.

Next on my list is the long cocktail.

Find the perfect Uplifting Nightie for you!

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