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Inspirational clothing- All The Above Clothing line

It’s no news that your wardrobe says a lot about you, but what is your clothing saying to you? Cody and Joey Sudmeier believe that fashion is about individuality, art and the truest form of inspiration. This is why each piece of their “All The Above Clothing line” is inspired by a quote/lyric/phrase, which is then turned into an abstract and cryptic design. The quote and meaning of the design is then printed on the inside of the piece of clothing, letting the consumer know what inspired it.

All The Above Clothing creates upscale casual clothing for both men and women, that truly encourages consumers to find their inspiration. Each of their products provides some form of positive encouragement.

All The Above Clothing

I ordered the Inspired by Wind hat for my oldest daughter.

The subtle pattern of Worn butterfly wings cover the entire hat to represent movement in life, while a weather vane signifies finding ones unique All The Above Clothingdirection. The hat was ‎designed and illustrated by Brandi Galuzzi.

On the inside of the hat is an anonymous quote “Sometimes in the winds of change we find our direction,” along with meaning of the design, letting the wearer know what inspired it.

The hat is very fitting for my daughter, as on July 29th 2015, my daughter Megan sustained a traumatic brain injury that left both doctors and family wondering if she’d ever return to her life. Despite her many challenge, there is hope for her and all brain injury survivors and their families. It is all about finding ones way after brain injury. New roads- new direction.

“Sometimes in the winds of change we find our direction.”

If All The Above Clothing was not cool enough on their own, they also have two different giving programs that each support a variety of non-profit ATA Givesorganizations. The Give 10% program allows all ATA customers to give 10% of their total purchase to one of the many charities they partner with.

I encourage you to check out All the above Clothing for yourself and learn more about this amazing company and “Be Inspired.”

What’s your inspiration? Do you have a favorite quote?

Express Yourself. Change the World.

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3 thoughts on “Inspirational clothing- All The Above Clothing line

  1. My favorite quote that inspires me is:
    Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending. ~Author Unknown

    I will be checking out All The Above Clothing because I love the fact that their clothing has inspirational messages that directly relate to the non profits that they support.

  2. Very nice, and incredible that they give back and let you choose to with organization. I love the quote, as our life to changed direction, and it has made us stronger and more humble.I guess my favorite quote is It is what it is. As sometimes we can not change things, we just need to go with it and adapt to it. Although I never stop reaching for more. With that said I am loving their clothing!

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