Best Woman's shoes for Summer

Best Woman’s shoes for Summer- summer sandals


Dollar store bargain flip-flops look great with summer outfits, but they don’t provide the support your feet need. In fact, wearing flip flops can lead to a number of foot problems. Not only do the thin rubber soles give your feet zero arch support, but in flip flops your ankle is free to move around leading to ankle sprains. Over time, long wear of flip-flops can lead to problems, not only in your feet, but also throughout your body. Falls are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injury. Wearing appropriate footwear is important for reducing fall risk. Wearing shoes that fit improperly, lack substantial tread, or are simply offer no walking support, can greatly contribute to falling. When it comes to the best shoes for your feet, physical therapist recommend an athletic shoe that laces up, but what woman wants to wear a pair of running shoes with her cute summer sun dress? With, Columbia you don’t need to sacrifice the health and safety of your feet for fashion. Columbia’s choice of summer sandals are extremely stylish and provide the right amount of supported needed for all your summer activities.

When it comes to the perfect pair of summer sandals for summer, Women need a pair that will stand up to water and grime. Columbia’s women’s Sunbreeze™ summer sandalsVent Sandal are comfortable and appropriate footwear for a plethora of events from July 1st barbecues to boat cruises, to beach days and walking through the grass at the park.

The hook-and-loop closure system on these durable-yet-feminine 2-strap summer sandals makes them super secure and stable. The strap that crosses your foot helps distribute the pressure on your foot more evenly.

Ports in the midsole facilitate airflow and water drainage, so you stay cool and dry during all those summer activities in and around the water.

Columbia’s women’s Sunbreeze™ Vent Sandals feature a cushioning midsole, which provides ample support to keep your feet comfortable. Wear them for a day, and your feet will thank you.  The outsole features Omni-Grip™ non-marking traction rubber making them the perfect sandal for my daughter who is prone to falls.


Women’s Conspiracy™ III Outdry

Best Outdoor Gear For Summer

Women’s Conspiracy™ III Outdry offers ultimate support for a long day of sight seeing, or hiking. The shoes feature advanced laminate technology to make them absolutely waterproof, while a Techlite® midsole provides superior cushioning and comfort whilst absorbing impact and providing consistent support. Also, the Conspiracy’s Omni-Grip traction technology on the sole is said to give you grip on varied terrain, making it a perfect all season shoe.

I have water retention, also called edema, so the last thing I want on my feet when walking is a heavy shoe. I found Women’s Conspiracy™ III Outdry to be a nice lightweight shoe and the toe box is very roomy. They are also very comfortable, once you break them in.

About Columbia Sportswear Company

Columbia, the flagship brand of Portland, Oregon-based Columbia Sportswear Company, has been creating innovative apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts since 1938. Columbia has become a leading global brand by channeling the company’s passion for the outdoors, and an innovative spirit of “trying stuff”, into technologies and performance products that keep people warm, dry, cool and protected year-round. To learn more, please visit the company’s website at

If I have left you asking: What am are going to do with all of these thin rubber soled flip-flops? Might we suggest that you send them to UniquEco. Founded by a marine biologist, UniquEco accepts shipments of flip-flops from around the world and turns them into art, jewelry, and toys. It can be expensive to ship to Kenya, so I recommend  convincing all your friends and family to give up their flip flops, and sending one big shipment to UniquEco.  You can also turn your flip flops into planters. Check it out on

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  1. So very true. These flip flops can really make for sore feet, and escalate from there. We buy Columbia footwear and we know we have protection and support.

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