Pretty Woman Perfume

Pretty Woman Perfume for Mom by Barbara Orbison

Pretty WomanMost women love fragrances; buying perfume for Mother’s Day makes for a great gift idea. But with so many types of perfume, how do you know which one to purchase? Most moms’ already have a preferred fragrance, but if you are looking for something new for mom, might we recommend Pretty Woman Perfume. This is a fragrance that mom is sure to love!

There are lots of different beauty perfume brand on the market, which can make a woman feel pretty, but not quite like the one that carries the name “Pretty Woman.”

The Pretty Woman Perfume fragrance was lovingly created by Barbara Orbison, and is as singular and mesmerizing as Roy Orbison’s iconic song.

Roy OrbisonIt was a life-long dream for Barbara to create a perfume that speaks to women. Barbara Orbison worked with perfumers in California to create the fragrance, which was originally released in 2009.

She selected the bottle from the prestigious Versailles de Porchet in Paris and worked closely with the graphic designers to craft a package and label that reflected the pure, elegant essence of the fragrance.

Following Barbara’s death from Pancreatic Cancer on December 6, 2011, Barbara’s granddaughter, Emily Orbison, took over marketing of the Pretty Woman perfume brand.

For those who have never tried Pretty Woman perfume by Barbara Orbison, the perfume itself is hard to describe. The perfume is an intoxicating smell with a blend of lots of different scents including favorites like rose red, carnation, and vanilla. It is not too fruity, flowery, or too sweet. It has a subtle scent with a mixture of musk. It is not at all over powering and a little bit lasts Pretty Woman perfume on the goall day. You can’t help but feel pretty wearing this fragrance.

My daughter has an increased sensitivity to scent due to a brain injury, and has found that “Pretty Woman perfume” is the only scent she has been able to wear.

This upcoming Mother’s Day give mom a 50 ml bottle of Pretty Woman perfume and don’t forget to purchase Pretty Woman “On The Go,” which contains three atomizers for mom to toss in her handbag, or gym-bag for her busy On-The-Go lifestyle!

You can also gift a candle to match the perfume and make it the ultimate gift. Pretty Woman Candles are made from an original Pretty Woman Perfume Candlesblend of high-quality soy based waxes and a lead free wick with a remarkable 40 hour burn time.” The scent of the candles is as lovely as the perfume. It has a sweet smell to it that smells like cinnamon and floral fragrance.


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