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Udderly smooth udder cream review


Winter will be here before we know it. With winter comes dry, flaky, itchy, cracked, uncomfortable and unattractive skin issues. To keep your skin looking healthy and smooth I have some tips.

  • In the winter, choose a shower instead of a bath. While a steamy shower feels good, the hot water is not a good idea for your dry skin as it strips away moisture from your skin.
  • Stay away from strong antibacterial soaps, a mild soap is better. I recommend Dove.
  • Normally in the cold winter months we turn up the heat indoors. Dry air contributes to dry, prickly skin. Instead turn down the heat and use a humidifier, especially at night. This will replace the moisture in the air that we lose due to dry indoor heat.
  • Itchy clothing makes dry skin worse, so avoid wool sweaters. If you can’t give up the wool then be sure to wear a layer underneath, so the wool does not touch your skin.
  • Keep your skin moisturized with a full line of skin care products from Udderly Smooth.

Udderly smooth

Since I suffer from keratosis pilaris, my skin is rougher than most. While my skin tends to improve some in summer it gets worse during winter months, therefore, I need to keep it moisturized. Over the years I have tried several different creams with little or no success. Sense using Udderly Smooth products I have noticed a huge improvement. My skin is so much softer than it used to be. Udderly Smooth is very thick, but it doesn’t go on greasy. It absorbs into the skin well too.

Udderly Smooth also contains rich, natural ingredients that benefits eczema, and symptoms of diabetes foot syndrome.

My mother was a insulin-dependent diabetic. With diabetes, dry skin was often a common problem due to dehydration. Add in the winter weather and the conditions for dry skin increased even more. For a diabetic dry, cracked skin can be a huge health problem. Cracks allow germs to enter and can lead to infections. If ones blood glucose is high, it feeds the germs and can make infections even worse.

A gift containing Udderly Smooth lotion would not only be pampering, but it would be a very thoughtful and useful gift for a diabetic!

Even my son has begun using Udderly Smooth for his dry skin. In fact Udderly Smooth is his go-to skin line. He asks for it ever-year at Christmas. Even my husband uses Udderly Smooth for his calloused hands. My eldest daughter has a heightened sensitivity to certain smells, therefore she has to be careful on what creams she uses. She has found Udderly Smooth to have a light fresh fragrance.

There you have it folks! The entire DesRochers family uses Udderly Smooth.

Giving “Udderly Smooth”is one way to give the gift of soft skin. Check out the Udderly Smooth line at udderlysmooth.com.

Purchase “Udderly Smooth” on Amazon.

Be sure to share our “Udderly Smooth Udder” review with those looking for the best lotion for dry skin.

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5 thoughts on “Udderly smooth udder cream review

  1. I get dry skin a lot in the winter and this cream just might be the answer. I have tried others and some are good but some don’t help at all. This might be worth a try.

  2. I like that Udderly Smooth products are made in the USA. I use their foot cream with shea butter and it makes my feet feel so nice and soft.

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