Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Head

Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Heads

Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Head


Perhaps she has developed a sudden fear of bathing, or has realized that bath time is swiftly followed by the dreaded bedtime. Regardless of the reason, your child now harbors a fear of baths. Simply instructing her not to be afraid of baths will unfortunately not alleviate her fear.

Rubber Duckie & Friends are charming bath and shower wands (handheld showers) explicitly crafted for youngsters. Resembling delightful cartoon-like creatures such as a duck, a frog, a dolphin, a rhino, and a hippo, the Rubber Duckie & Friends™ shower heads bear a striking resemblance to bath toys, thereby infusing joy into bath-time activities.


Shampoo conflicts often arise among toddlers due to the water splashing onto their faces and the possibility of shampoo entering their eyes. However, the advantage of using Rubber Duckie & Friends shower heads is that the suction cups enable you to position the shower head below their shoulder level, effectively preventing water from reaching their eyes.

All necessary components for installing the Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Head are provided in the package, with the exception of a wrench. Unfortunately, my husband misplaced his wrench. We purchased a replacement at our local Dollarama for $2.00, allowing us to proceed with the installation. The set includes a character shower-head, a movable shower-head mount equipped with rubber suction cups, a 6-foot white plastic hose, a 2-way water flow diverter, and plumbers tape to ensure a secure connection. My husband found the installation process to be straightforward, completing it in less than 5 minutes.

Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Head

An appealing feature of this shower head is the ability for adults to effortlessly alternate between their standard shower head and the Rubber Duckie & Friends shower head. The water flow was observed to be mild, a crucial aspect for children averse to strong water pressure. This shower head may also aid in facilitating the transition for younger children to using a shower.

Sweet P found great joy in the shower head due to its striking resemblance to their beloved bath time companion, the rubber duckie. Surprisingly, even my husband couldn’t resist giving it a go. In general, our admiration for the Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Head knows no bounds. It caters to children of all ages and even provides parents with a soothing shower massage when needed. Additionally, it can serve as a dual shower for adults, as long as one doesn’t mind sharing the bathing experience with a duckie.

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