Cricklewood Farm

Cricklewood Farm- Brighton Ontario

Cricklewood Farm is a scenic 11-acre apple orchard located along the north and eastern shore of Lake Ontario. Cricklewood Farm offers Fall fun for the entire family. The apple orchard is around 10 acres in size. Throughout the season, they have over 40 different varieties of apples; 13 of which are available for pick-your-own.

Cricklewood Farm

Perhaps the most fun of Cricklewood Farm, which is also a very important cause is its corn maze.

This is the farm’s 10th year designing and creating its corn maze. Every year the corn maze changes. In 2008, the maze was in the shape of a firefighting dog and proceeds went to Brighton Fire Department. Last year the maze was in the shape of a boy and his llama with the words ‘World Vision. Proceeds from the maze went to “World Vision.”


This year Cricklewood Farm’s maze is in the shape of two dogs.  The farm is fundraising for Brighton’s Lion Club with the goal of $1500 to be donated to their foundation for Dog Guides.  The 6 acres of a cornfield is in the shape of 2 dogs and has over 2 miles of pathways for you to explore, with the shortest path through being a mile in length.

Cricklewood Farm


Maze adventurers are challenged to solve several puzzles by collecting clues and information found within the maze. If they solve these puzzles they are rewarded with a prize. I won’t tell you what the prize is not to spoil it. The entire maze takes roughly 1 hour to complete.

My husband and I manage to do half of the maze, which is a lot of fun.  Picnic tables nearby, allow you to rest after persevering and hiking through the corn maze, and believe me when I say you will need a rest.

Cricklewood also has a store that carries a wide variety of specialty items,     including local cider, sparkling cider, preserves, pies, local honey, maple syrup, local cheeses, jams and jellies, candy apples, and gifts.

Cricklewood FarmWe purchased some pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and candy apples for the big kids. You are never too old for candy apples. This was our first visit to the farm, but we look forward to returning for years to come.

Get the family together and take on the corn maze challenge at Cricklewood Farm, 3 KM west of Brighton, ONT, on Highway 2.

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