Healthier Hair for Women

A lustrous head of hair is one of the keys to a woman’s beauty. That’s why most women spend so much time and money tending to their hair in an effort to keep it gorgeous. A healthy scalp is a very important aspect of beautiful hair, which is why the hair care industry keeps booming, no matter what the state of the overall economy. Women’s hair care Women’s hair care definitely keeps evolving...[Read More]


My almost five year old daughter repeatably asks to have her nails painted. As a mom I am concern about using cosmetics meant for adults on my daughter. That is when I started to do some research of my own. I must say I am shocked with my findings.  “According to David Suzuki Foundation 2010 report What’s Inside? That Counts, 80 per cent of cosmetics contain at least one ingredient linked wi...[Read More]

Bath Bombs Gift Set from Angele

Give the gift of luxury and pampering to the woman who has everything.  Made with 100% natural ingredients, aromatic, lush, & soothing, this bath bomb set makes the perfect gift! Inside the box you get 6 large bath bombs- a full 4.5 ounces,  which is twice the size of most bath bombs, each one coming with a tag that tells you the scent. Each bath bomb is shrink wrapped to lock in the fragrance...[Read More]

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