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Head back to school with Avery Products Canada

Gear up for a new school year by stocking up on the essentials students need. Avery Products Canada has an all new selection of printed binders, dividers, folders and other school accessories! Students can reflect their own personal style, with Avery’s free and easy-to-use templates from the design gallery. Students can personalize and coordinate their binder title pages, divider tabs, repor...[Read More]

Losing the Battle With Depression? Here’s What You Can Do

Depression is a debilitating mental illness that when left untreated can wreak havoc on your life. For women who have children, a home to care for, and a career to build, the onset of depression can cause a downward spiral in their lives. As they go through long periods of extreme sadness and hopelessness, they suddenly lose interest or even the will to be there for themselves, let alone their chi...[Read More]

Change Your Life

If you want to change your life for the better, the fastest way is to increase good habits and decrease bad habits. For instance, drinking herbal tea is a good habit while drinking alcohol is a bad habit because the first energizes you and the second depletes you. The idea is simple enough, but how do you do it? There are three plans to help change your life that appear to have worked well for man...[Read More]


Even if you’re not a wine collector, you should keep a modest selection of wines in your home. You never know when a special occasion will present itself. When you are faced with those home entertaining opportunities, it will be important to have the right wines for each occasion. Riesling Wine Keeping a bottle of Riesling is particularly wise because this white wine can be enjoyed by virtua...[Read More]

first day of kindergarten

In less than two weeks tens of thousands of children will go to school for the very first time. Starting kindergarten is such an exciting and important time! And yet it can be an anxious experience for children. Help your child transition into school with these two first day of school books that we recently added to our daughter’s library of books. Fairy’s First Day of School It’...[Read More]

L’il Scents Mini Plush Clips from Wild Republic

August is flying by, which means that you’re probably deep in school supply mode. If you’re crafty, you can whip up your own bag for your child(ren) to carry all their school supplies in. For those of us with no sewing ability, we’re going to have to settle for store-bought options. No matter what backpack your child picks to start the school year off, the easiest way to personalize it is with a l...[Read More]

Designer Clothes

We all want to look out best, but we don’t always have the budget to support our luxury tastes. It seems like being frugal and wearing designer clothes simply don’t go together! How can you rock a designer look on a low budget? Maybe you’ve been eyeing a brand in a fashion magazine or you keep seeing the cutest pair of designer shoes on Instagram. Designer clothes aren’t just for the rich and famo...[Read More]

Smart Sketcher Learn to Draw,

With back to school only a few weeks away we here at Today’s Woman have just the item to add to your back to school shopping list. The smART sketcher projector from Flycatcher promotes artistic ability, fine motor skills and STEAM education skills. If you have never heard of STEAM- STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathemati...[Read More]

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