Sip & Spin Cup

Helping kids, especially at a young age, to drink more water can have a HUGE impact on the rest of their lives. Yet many of us struggle to get our kids to drink water. Lucky for me, my youngest daughter happily drinks water and never ever questions whether she likes it or not. For those […]

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Got a weather junkie on your Christmas list like I do? Why not consider an indoor outdoor thermometer. With an indoor/outdoor thermometer you can know the exact temperature inside and outside of your home at any time. By knowing the temperature outside one can heat and cool their home more efficiently inside, saving money on […]

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2015

The Hallmark Company has been a part of our lives for well over 85 years.  Hallmark produced their first figurines and ornaments within the 1973 Christmas era.  Since 1973,  there has been more than 8,000 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments created. Every year their are a few ornaments that capture our heart. More than just decorations, Keepsake […]

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