How to Turn Your Tree House into a Dream Playroom for the Kids

How to Turn Your Tree House into a Dream Playroom for the Kids

Many families have a summer house or tree house that often goes unused for much of the year. If you’re lucky enough to have such extra space, why not turn it into an amazing playroom for your children? With some planning, creativity and elbow grease, you can create the ultimate kids’ play space.


Maximise the Layout

Take time to plan how you’ll arrange your new treetop cabin playroom. Measure the dimensions of the space and sketch out ideas for organising different activity zones. Think about setting up areas for building/construction toys, arts and crafts, reading, pretend play and active movement. Having different zones helps avoid chaos and gives kids options. Large rugs can help define zones, but make sure to leave enough open floor space for running around.

If you are ready to invest in a new treehouse, read more on treehouse cabins that are custom-designed to suit your needs.

Brighten It Up

Playhouse in the backyard for kids

Dark, dreary spaces don’t inspire much play. Make your playroom light and cheerful with a fresh coat of paint in a child-friendly colour like yellow, green or blue. Opt for glossy paint that’s easy to wipe clean. Add whimsy with vinyl wall decals like trees, alphabet letters or animals.

Install adequate lighting, including overhead fixtures, lamps and natural light. Cover windows with lightweight curtains or blinds. Help your treehouse feel airy and spacious.

Choose Durable Flooring

When selecting flooring, remember that this room will see high traffic and lots of play.

Opt for durable laminate flooring or vinyl. These washable hard surface materials resist stains and are easy to sweep and mop.

Add Plenty of Storage

A playroom filled with toys needs ample storage space. Use shelves, bins, baskets, and cupboards to organise everything. Label storage units so kids can put toys away properly. Store items at kids’ height for accessibility and independence.

For a custom look, have basic cabinetry built along one wall. Opt for open shelving to easily view contents. Bins and baskets corral small items like figurines and building bricks. Store arts supplies in labeled plastic drawers. Mount a rack for dress-up clothes.

Double-duty furniture like storage ottomans, window seats and toy chests add extra storage while also serving another purpose. A coat rack or cubbies by the door help keep the room tidy.

Build in Fun Play Elements


Look for ways to add entertaining built-in play structures that make the most of the available space. Construct a mini stage from plywood for putting on shows. Build a reading nook with benches and shelves to hold books within reach.

Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and attach a small chalkboard for drawing. Use magnetic paint on another wall to display masterpieces. Hang a pint-sized basketball hoop at child height. Add whimsical climbing holds or build a play structure. Include cosy spaces for lounging like a mini play teepee.

The key is creating a playroom that sparks kids’ imaginations while also keeping the space organised and easy to maintain. With some strategic planning and decorating, your treehouse can become a dream play space your children will love.

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