Unique Side Tables

Unique Side Tables: The Perfect Living Room and Bedroom Finish

When furnishing a living room or bedroom, side tables are often the last thing on most people’s minds. As the name suggests, a side table is usually nothing more than a “side piece” in most spaces.

Although this furniture piece is often an afterthought, there’s a lot you can do with a unique side table beyond just holding a cup of beverage.

In this article, we’ll explore the unique attributes of  side tables and the different ways it can be the perfect finish for your living room and bedroom.

Adds A New Element Into Every Room

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A portable side table is a creative way to add a unique element to your rooms. Everything from your side table’s material, colour, style, and texture can stand out against other elements in your space, such as your bed or sofa. For instance, consider a rich wood table in a room with modern aesthetics.

It adds a classic charm that blends in neatly while introducing a small amount of whimsy into the room’s setup. Similarly, consider a unique drum-like side table right next to your sofa. The geometric shape of this table will add some character and texture to your space, making your setup a little more spectacular than it already is.

A Decorative Piece

Many people keep their side tables tucked away next to their sofa or in other hidden locations. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A unique side table can serve as a decorative piece, especially if it has an attractive, statement-making design. You can also use your side table as a decorative setup to showcase other decor items like figurines, potted plants, trinkets, etc. It is all about your choice of table and how you choose to set it up.

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As A Creative Storage Space

Even without a built-in storage space, the top of your side table alone can serve as a makeshift storage space. In your bedroom, it can hold your favorite bedtime items; in the sitting room, you can keep remotes, keys and other small accessories on the table. You can kick this slightly higher by picking a table with built-in drawers or shelves. This is a great way to maximise space without adding extra furniture to your living space. The fact that side tables are portable enough to be moved anywhere you want them also means you’ll get a mobile storage space that works wherever you want it to be.

Extra Seating

If you’d like extra seating in your space, you can opt for a multi-functional side table that can occasionally double as a stool. This provides additional seating space, especially in small rooms where you can’t afford to add an extra seating space. So, in addition to adding some depth and pattern to your space, a solidly built side table will support a person and serve as an extra seating area, especially when you have a lot of guests.



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